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Good cooperation

At KLM we have been a customer for a long time. Thanks to KLM I have been given the opportunity to cooperate with Minerva. In my role as Shop Leader Calibration I have experienced Minerva as a professional and reliable vendor of calibration devices and services. We value the good cooperation, personal service and the clear communication with Minerva.

Some time ago at the KLM we received a new device delivered by Minerva which appeared to have a defect after we did the installation. Minerva came to pick it up and did thorough investigation of the device with a technical expert and provided clear information about the problem. In the meantime we could rent another, similar device so we could continue our work. I value that Minerva was very serious in this situation, showed commitment and really helped us out.

Good atmosphere and enthusiasm

My KLM colleague and me have been visiting a customer day at the Minerva office. We were impressed by the calibration laboratory with a broad variety of state-of-the-art devices. Also I appreciated the good atmosphere during the tour at the office and the enthusiasm of the Minerva people. I feel that the new customer portal also is a very interesting development Minerva has initiated. Now we can track & trace the status of the serviceprocess of our devices at every point in time. In short, Minerva provides me a carefree experience.

Contact me for my experience with Minerva

If you want to know more about my experience of cooperating with Minerva feel free to send me an e-mail at gg.isselt@td.klm.com.

George Isselt
Shop Leader Calibration
KLM Engineering and Maintenance

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