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Started in the 1940's, Minerva evolved from a car industry related trading company to a market leader in high end metrology and calibration. 

Minerva 8AL Rollston Convertible Sedan 1931

Minerva 8AL Rollston Convertible Sedan 1931


More than 30 years ago we entered the metrology market with automated primary solutions for pressure and high gas flow.

To assure this we obtained a European acknowledged accreditation in the mid. 80's. Started as a customer service today more and more third party equipment from deadweight testers till tide gauges pass through our lab.


From 2009 till now

To serve our customers even better than in the past, we expanded our accredited capabilities with mass measurement, to be able to do fundamental deadweight tester calibrations fully in house. Our current capabilities cover pressure, mass and electrical quantities. In 2009 Minerva was selected by Fluke Calibration to become their Authorized Service provider for Europe, Middle East and Africa. 


Today we can offer a range of calibration equipment, starting at national laboratory level with high-tech piston gauges, gravimetric mass flow systems and triple point cells till high-end electronic transfer standards for instrument shops or in-house calibration services, thus covering all important physical properties.

It is obvious that only selling this equipment is not enough. To provide full (after) sales service we have a fully trained team of professionals at your service to help you making the right decisions in sales, service and calibration issues.

Last but not least, Minerva is involved in developing in depth metrology training courses covering a wide range of topics.

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