Available now: Fluke Ex Demo units with up to 30% discount

FLUKE EX DEMO UNIT SALE These ex demo instruments are now for sale! Please let us know if you are interested in any of them.   ECAL    Model type    Discount    ECAL     ... read more

Why a Fluke calibration bath?

A calibration bath is an ideal temperature source for temperature calibration. Each year Fluke Calibration sells more baths for temperature calibration than any other bath maker in the world. Metrologists are, by nature, extremely ... read more

Calibration of natural gas meters

Traditionally natural gas meter calibration can be a tedious job. Reference standards like bell provers consume a lot of space and getting a bell prover calibrated is not easy. An alternative for a bell prover is a Fluke molbox system and ... read more

Minerva aligns MT with strategic initiatives

Over the last 2 years Minerva has aligned its organization with their 2015 – 2020 strategic growth initiatives. A next major milestone is the appointment of a third senior management team member, Henk de Lange.   Henk de Lange joined ... read more

Calibration & Repair Services: the journey of your instrument

Have you got any insight in what happens to your instrument when you send it for calibration to Minerva Metrology and Calibration? You will receive much more than ‘just’ a calibration! Let us explain how we do our best to exceed your ... read more

World Metrology Day: metrology & transport

On May 20th we celebrate World Metrology Day! A perfect opportunity to explain the relevance of metrology for transport and showing examples from our daily practice.   What if… your car measured the wrong number of kilometers or ... read more

Ensuring carefree traceability through automated calibrations

Applying innovative calibration techniques by automated data acquisition and calibration in the Minerva laboratory: a step forward, saving time and money for our customers and reducing measurement uncertainty.   Major topics in an ISO/IEC ... read more

Improving European traceability in the field of low gauge and absolute pressure in EMPIR project

On March 30th, the European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR) JRP 14IND06 3rd annual meeting took place at UTH engineering school in Volos, Greece. Our Technical Director, Carel Adolfse was invited to join the meeting and ... read more

New product: Minerva Portable High Pressure Case

In February, Minerva introduced the Minerva Portable High Pressure Case for Fluke, GE and Additel. In March we introduced another version for Crystal. And this month we realeased the case for Beamex. The case fits digital pressure gauges and ... read more

Introducing the 5128A RHapid-Cal Humidity Generator

Fast accurate humidity calibration in the lab or in the field   The new 5128A RHapid-Cal Humidity Generator calibrates a wide workload of humidity probes and loggers with accredited 1 % RH system accuracy. The 5128A RHapid-Cal is a versatile ... read more

Trade in your electrical calibrator NOW!  

Your Fluke 1990's calibrator or signal generator will soon be out of service or can be already obsolete. This is a great time to upgrade your outdated calibrator! Benefit from Fluke's unique offer to trade in your outdated calibration equipment ... read more

Demonstration Minerva Portable High Pressure Case in Brno

Our new product, the Portable High Pressure Case type MNR 350-G620, is going to be demonstrated at the AMPER exhibition. This event is going to be held in Brno in the Czech Republic from March 21 – 24th. You can find the demonstration in Hall V at ... read more

How customer demands changed Minerva’s quality standards

Quality, complaints and ISO/IEC 17025  Over the last 30 years we have developed a thorough quality system focused on responding to customer feedback. Thanks to a clear workflow and weighting system we register, rank and act on complaints. This has ... read more

Our worldwide accreditation

We are very pleased that our highly accurate and innovative calibration laboratory has been accredited for calibrations ranging from 0 Pascal absolute (vacuum) till 5.000 bar. This accreditation has been issued by the RvA and assures worldwide ... read more

Minerva ensures electrical traceability for NMI Ghana in cooperation with VSL, the Dutch NMI

The national metrology institute (NMI) of Ghana, named Ghana Standards Authority, ordered several Fluke products for their new reference standards laboratory in Accra from Minerva. Part of this order were two Fluke 732B Zener Direct Voltage ... read more

Minerva presents initiative for developing highly accurate pressure transducers at EMPIR meeting

On January 18th, our Technical Director Carel Adolfe gave a presentation at a European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR) meeting organized by VSL in Delft, the Netherlands.   He presented our initiative to develop a high ... read more

Fast international calibration service for Exova

Our customer Bo Ørskov Kølbæk from Exova sent us his 7250xi Fluke pressure controller which provides advanced precision of 0.005 % of reading, as it needed to be repaired. This instrument is key to their service as a calibration lab for their ... read more