Temperature software

Fluke Calibration makes versatile temperature calibration software applications that include an automated temperature calibration software application (MET/TEMP II); thermometer readout data-logging software (LogWare); calibration constant and reference table generation software (TableWare); and Interface-it software for use with various temperature sources. All of our temperature calibration software is Windows-based and easy to use.


MET/TEAM Test Equipment Asset Management Software

MET/TEAM™ software is a powerful, flexible, and scalable calibration management software solution for managing your calibration assets.

9933 TableWare - Temperature Calibration Software

Our TableWare software package does everything that the Coefficients and Tables utility in MET/TEMP II does except interface with the MET/TEMP II database.

9934 LogWare - Temperature Calibration Software

Turn any Fluke Calibration single-channel handheld or Tweener readout into a real-time data logger with LogWare.

9935 LogWare II – Temperature Calibration Software

Turn any Fluke Calibration multi-channel thermometer readout into a real-time data logger with LogWare II.

9940 IO Toolkit v1.0

The IO Toolkit is shipped with supported instruments. This version includes support for the new 1523 and 1524 series Readouts.

Interface-it Temperature Calibration Software

Fluke Calibrations's Interface-it Software Version 3.81 allows nearly all our dry-wells, baths and controllers to be controlled remotely from a pc

9936A LogWare III

LogWare III is a client/server application that can be used enterprise-wide for environmental data logging and monitoring.