Digital thermometer readouts

Fluke Calibration precision digital thermometer readouts are designed specifically to measure temperature sensors for calibration. Because Fluke Calibration thermometer readouts are designed for thermometer calibration, they offer many advantages, especially accuracy and convenience. Fluke Calibration thermometer readouts include: Super-Thermometers; Black Stacks; Chub-E4; Tweeners; handheld readouts; and the DewK thermal-hygrometer for environmental monitoring


1586A Super-DAQ Precision Temperature Scanner

The 1586A Super‑DAQ is the most accurate and flexible temperature data acquisition system on the market.

1594A/1595A Super-Thermometers

The Fluke 1594A and 1595A Super-Thermometers combine the accuracy of complex and expensive bridges with features that simplify and provide excellent value

1551A Ex & 1552A Ex Stik Thermometer Readout

The 1551A/1552A “Stik Thermometer is the new “gold standard" of industrial temperature calibration.

1560 Black Stack Thermometer Readout

Fluke Calibration’s Black Stack thermometer readout has established itself as one of the most versatile, cost-effective, accurate readouts in the world.

Fluke 1502A/1504 Thermometer Readouts

One of Fluke Calibration's best-selling products is the Tweener thermometer, and there’s a reason.

Fluke 1523/1524 Reference Thermometers

The 1523/24 Reference Thermometers from Fluke Calibration measure, graph, and record PRTs, thermocouples, and thermistors

Fluke 1529 Chub-E4 Standards Thermometer

Fluke Calibration’s 1529 Chub-E4 Thermometer gives you four channels, three major sensor types, lab-quality accuracy, and a ton of great features.

1551A Ex & 1552A Ex

Accurate and repeatable to ± 0.05 °C over its full range, the 1551A/1552A “Stik Thermometer is the new “gold standard" of industrial temperature calibration

Fluke 1620A Digital Thermometer-Hygrometer

The DewK thermo hygrometer and humidity monitor measures temperature to ± 0.125 °C and humidity to ± 1.5 % on two channels, and displays it on a big screen.