VSL – Dutch Metrology Institute


Our partner in metrology training


About VSL

Minerva and VSL are partners in the field of training and education for metrology and calibration.

VSL, the Dutch Metrology Institute, offers a range of services, including ensuring that measurement results of companies, laboratories and institutions are directly traceable to international standards. The institute manages and develops, on behalf of the Dutch government, the national measurement standards; and makes a significant contribution to the reliability, quality and innovation of products and processes in business and society.

In the area of technology, developments in legislation and measurement standards are rapidly evolving, and it is therefore important that current employees keep abreast of these developments. In addition, new employees need a comprehensive understanding of the essence of measurement and the associated concepts. VSL’s training courses offer the opportunity to acquire this knowledge.


Courses and training programs

Metrology College is part of VSL and offers a full range of courses and training programs in the field of measurement and calibration. This ranges from general courses on metrology and traceability to specific courses in various fields, focusing on theory and practice.

In VSL’s course overview you will find the courses with open enrolment, including an overview of dates, location and price. After completing the course, students receive a certificate of participation.


Trainers of VSL

The courses and training from VSL are taught by specialists and experts in the field. Many of these trainers participate in international discussions and various standards committees, ensuring that they are always aware of the latest developments.


Participants Metrology training

VSL Metrology College offers various courses in the field of industrial metrology, relevant for:


  • employees from other National Metrology Institutes
  • employees from testing and calibration laboratories
  • product developers of industrial measuring equipment
  • inspection and calibration field staff
  • quality staff


For queries on the training offering, contact the VSL directly  via mdniet@vsl.nl  or mail to training@minerva-calibration.com.