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Calibration of natural gas meters

Calibration of natural gas meters

Traditionally natural gas meter calibration can be a tedious job. Reference standards like bell provers consume a lot of space and getting a bell prover calibrated is not easy. An alternative for a bell prover is a Fluke molbox system and Compass for flow software. Minerva is involved in overcoming the challenges of the automation part.

Calibration natural gas meters

In order to read the natural gas meter through an optical interface and parse the data into Compass for flow is not really straight forward and we needed to develop  a stand alone program to realize the interfacing.

calibration of gas meterscalibration of gas meters

The complexity to put the natural gas meter in high resolution mode and obtain the measurement results through the optical interface using an external program which can be called from within Compass for flow is a good example of how flexible Compass for flow (and Compass for pressure) is.

If you need any assistance in automating your process, please do not hesitate to contact me at carel.adolfse@minerva-calibration.com


Carel Adolfse

Carel Adolfse

Technical Director

juillet 18, 2017

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