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Working continuously on the Minerva quality

Working continuously on the Minerva quality

Minerva recently had a session about improving the quality of the way we work. Our Quality Team Leader, Mahender Patel gives you an insight about the way we continuously improve ourselves.

Quality review in 2018

Mahender, as Minerva quality team leader, what can you tell about the quality review of 2018?

“The great thing about the quality review of 2018 is that Minerva is very robust and stable regarding the quality of the process, systems and staff. 

In the quality review we have tackled only some minor issues, which we were already aware of. This means we have to do some small tweaks to get in in line with the new ISO/IEC 17025 standard. We expect to have everything in place in the course of 2019. 

The new ISO/IEC 17025 standard has a more risk based approach, incorporatingthe general 9001 standard”. 

Focus on a first time right experience

There’s a new quality training for the team, what is the focus of this?

"This year at Minerva we start a series of training for our staff, the emphasis is the transfer of knowledge and creating more awarenesss about quality issues and ways for improvement. In the first session we focussed on the 3R’s; raising, reasons and resolving quality issues. We are focussed on addressing and resolvingquality issues as soon as possible". 

In the quality update with the Minerva team I heard you talking about pro-activeness. 

"Yes, pro-activeness is one of the key-words in the Minerva process. This means that we want to make sure that customers get a first-time-right experience. 

Minerva’s ambition is to realize a first-time-right experience encompasses the whole company. It has to do with all the contacts Minerva has with a customer. For example, if we make an error, we will instantly communicate this with the customer. We want to avoid that customers notice errors and inform us instead. 

Pro-activeness has a lot to do with the attitude of employees, whether it is a staff member of our sales department, our Customer Service Desk or logistics. From the perspective of quality team leader I am happy to see that the awareness and focus of the team is on quality. Minerva certainly is on track!"

janvier 23, 2019

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