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New product: Minerva Portable High Pressure Case

New product: Minerva Portable High Pressure Case

In February, Minerva introduced the Minerva Portable High Pressure Case for Fluke, GE and Additel. In March we introduced another version for Crystal. And this month we realeased the case for Beamex. The case fits digital pressure gauges and multifunction calibrators with pressure modules. 

Minerva Portable High Pressure Case Crystal

It offers improved efficiency to quickly and safely perform clean, high pressure calibrations at your own location.


  • Perform safe pneumatic calibrations up to a maximum pressure of 25 MPa
  • Pneumatic calibrations do not contaminate the DUT with oil or water
  • Perform precise test pressure control using a pressure balanced volume adjuster
  • Pneumatic calibrations eliminate trouble with trapped air in a hydraulic system
  • Quick and easy exchange of calibrator pressure module or digital gauge

Beamex, Crystal, Fluke, GE and Additel

The Minerva case is especially developed to fit Crystal/Ametek XP2i and the M1 Series digital pressure gauges, Fluke 2700G/700G multifunction calibrator, Fluke 725/726 digital pressure gauges, GE dpi 620 and GE dpi 620 PM pressure modules, Beamex MC5 and MC6 multifunction calibrators. and Additel 68X and 672 digital pressure gauges.

Description of the Minerva Portable High Pressure Case

The built-in high pressure gas storage system is filled through the appropriate connection. Three separate monitor gauges are mounted to indicate storage system pressure, regulated pressure and pressure at test ports. The maximum test pressure is set using the supply regulator. The test pressure at the two test connections is precisely controlled by two fine metering needle valves and the pressure balanced volume adjuster.

The installed digital pressure gauge displays the test pressure. Externally generated pressures can also be measured via the test connections. The instrument is supplied with quick-connect test and filling hose, a 1⁄4" NPT male adaptor for the test connection and filling and a refill connector.

Find out all technical specifications and fitting models for Crystal, Beamex, Fluke, Additel and GE calibrators.


Product Demonstration video

This video is one example and shows the demonstration of the MNR 350 - G620 for GE dpi 620:

You can find all Minerva product demonstration video's for Fluke, GE, Additel, Crystal and Beamex on our youtube channel.


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avril 14, 2017

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