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Mesure générale de la pression (2 jours) – en néerlandais

Nowadays, digital pressure gauges are available for measuring absolute pressures with a resolution of 0.001 mbar at a measurement range of 2 bar. At the highest pressure, a neglect of a 1 cm gas column already shows a deviation of approximately 0.002 mbar. When measuring overpressures, with oil as the medium of pressure, the deviation can even negate 1 cm oil column to 1 mbar.

In the industry, pressure measurement plays an important role. The Bourdon manometer is still a common tool.
More and more processes are automated, and therefore, analogue and / or digital output printers play an ever-increasing role. The uncertainties with which pressure measurements are made in the industry are getting smaller. A good knowledge of uncertainty contributions of various influences is therefore important.


To introduce you to all facets of pressure measurement. You must be able to recognize effects that influence a pressure measurement and you must be able to perform an uncertainty analysis afterwards.

  • Historie: Galileo Galilei, Evangalista Torricelli en Blaise Pascal.
  • Het belang van drukmeting: luchtvaart, procesindustrie en farmacie.
  • Begrippen: overdruk, onderdruk, absolute druk en vacuümdruk.
  • Eenheden: van kgf/cm2 tot Pa.
  • Procedures, normen en standaarden conform ISO/IEC 17025.
  • Bourdon manometers, digitale drukmeters en vloeistofmanometers.
  • Meetprincipes
  • Kalibratie-opstellingen en storende invloeden
  • Inleiding vacuümmeting
  • Primaire standaarden voor drukmeting (rondleiding druklab VSL)
  • Onzekerheidsanalyse
  • Nieuwe ontwikkelingen

Naast het geven van theorie zal er ook een aantal praktische oefeningen/experimenten worden uitgevoerd zoals het gebruik van een drukbalans, het uitvoeren van een kalibratie met een bourdonmanometer en een druktransmitter.

Location: Delft, the Netherlands

Praktische informatie:


€ 1.549 excluding VAT.
Lunches, refreshments and course material are included.

Entry requirements

The participants should have a secondary eduction level.


2 days, 9h00-17h00


The course material is in Dutch. The course can also be given in English, on request.


All participants will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.


The courses and training are taught by specialists and experts in the field. Many of these trainers participate in international discussions and various standards committees, ensuring that they are always aware of the latest developments.


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