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Absolute Gravity Measurement – Measuring waves hitting the coastline

Absolute Gravity Measurement – Measuring waves hitting the coastline

In the pressure calibration world gravity plays an important role when using piston gauges. Gravity is defined as a field equal to for example a magnetic field with the unit Newton per kg.
The simplified formula for calculating pressure defined by a piston gauge is: 

As you can see in the above formula gravity  is one of the main components and its accompanying uncertainty affects directly the overall uncertainty in pressure.

In order to maintain our very small measurement uncertainties, we have had our gravity recently re-measured by the Delft University of Technology.


For the measurements they used the impressive Micro-g FG-5 absolute gravity meter to measure the gravity at one point in our laboratory. Besides the one point also the gravity gradient in the lab both on height and position to assure we can perform the highest quality calibrations for you.


Interesting fact is that during the previous gravity measurements with the FG-5 it was possible to see the waves hitting the coastline which is more than 100 km from our location!

décembre 3, 2019

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