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New sales engineer Michiel Ribbens: I strongly believe in personal contact with customers!

New sales engineer Michiel Ribbens: I strongly believe in personal contact with customers!

As of May first Michiel Ribbens started in the role of sales engineer. Time to hear him out about his background and his role at Minerva.    

"When I was about eight years old I wanted to work into the field of technology. As a youngster I was always busy building things with Lego and Meccano. I also quickly became fascinated with airplanes. I followed an MBO 4 training and did an internship at Woensdrecht where I was able to work on F16 fighter jets. I also studied aeronautical technology in Delft for a year.

My first job was in the food industry, where I worked for more than three years as a service employee at the American company Heat and Control. I got a lot of responsibility there, I had a lot of customer contact, flew all over the world and gradually got more and more sales tasks.

After that I worked in sales at the Swiss company Kistler, which is active in the sale of sensors in the high-tech market. They have customers in the aerospace industry, for example Airbus.

Minerva is a Kistler customer. In 2018 I met Carel Adolfse from Minerva at VSL in Delft for an introduction of a data acquisition and ballistics sensor purchased by Minerva.

After an introduction to Henk the following year, I was approached earlier this year whether I was interested in a position at Minerva. After a number of good conversations I became enthusiastic and started May 1 as a sales engineer.

I find Minerva a very interesting company because of my affinity with technology, sales and service. What I like is that as a sales engineer at Minerva I have the opportunity to visit customers. I find service and clear communication important and strongly believe in personal contact!"

mei 13, 2020

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