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Onze gewaardeerde klanten

Onze prestigieuze en veeleisende nationale en internationale klantenkring bestaat uit sectoren in de luchtvaart,  proces instrumenten, olie en gas, energie productie, pharma en meerdere nationale meetinstituten uit Europa, Azië en Afrika.


Enkele cases gebaseerd op de ervaring van onze langdurige klanten:

Alex Mulder, Stiko:

“Minerva is a professional partner who takes care of business and unburdens.”

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Frank Groenland, Dutch Royal Navy:

“We were impressed by the knowledge of the Minerva staff, the top notch facilities and the modern lab”

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Lei Janssen, Stork:

“Minerva not only helped Stork with the purchase of MET/TEAM, but also provided optimal support during the process of going live”

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Kasper Quorp Bak, Danfoss:

“Minerva plays in another league”

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Deb Mukherjee, Haris Al Afaq:

“I am very satisfied about the cooperation. I already recommended Minerva to our key customers!”

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Peter Claessen, Collins Aerospace:

“I am happy to be doing business with Minerva.”

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These are some of our long term customers:

Please pass on my thanks to all at your end in the way this urgent requirement was dealt with, as ever, they have done sterling work to turn our unit around in the shortest time possible! “


Purchasing Manager, NOV Wellborne

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Sales en Marketing Director

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