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Praktische dosimetrie voor de Radiotherapie (3 daagse – in het Engels)

A practical and comprehensive course on dosimetry in radiotherapy.

Quality assurance is one of the foundations of radiotherapy practice. Due to a growing complexity of medical irradiation equipment, performing dosimetry is not always trivial. Therefore knowledge and expertise in dosimetry is of major importance to medical physics practitioners and medical physists.


After completion of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • understand dosimetric concepts from a theoretical point of view
  • apply absolute dosimetry in practice
  • autonomously set-up a measurement program
  • apply codes of practice in radiotherapy
  • evaluate dosimetric results based on their uncertainties
  • understand the principles of primary standards and traceability.

The complete course program consists of 8 theoretical modules dealing with both dosimetry for external beam radiotherapy and brachytherapy.

Also course programs dedicated to dosimetry for teletherapy (TT) or brachytherapie (BT) can be followed. Each course program includes a practical assignment.

The general modules of the course consists of a theoretical foundation, translated to a practical methodology for using absolute dosimetry in daily practice and dealing with uncertainties.

The general modules take place during the first day and are included in the complete program as well as in the dedicated programs, TT and BT:
G1. Interaction of ionising radiation with matter;
G2. Dosimetric concepts and quantities;
G3. Absolute dosimetry: general aspects;
G4. Primary standards in dosimetry.

Two course modules and a practical assignment deal with dosimetry in external beam radiotherapy, teletherapy:
T1. Dosimetry protocols for external beam therapy;
T2. Relative dosimetry for external beam therapy;
TP. Practical assignment for external beam therapy.

Two course modules and a practical assignment deal with dosimetry in brachytherapy:
B1. Dosimetry for brachytherapy;
B2. Dosimetry protocols for brachytherapy;
BP. Practical assignment for brachytherapy.

The course has been developed at VSL in cooperation with medical physicists and engineers in the field of radiotherapy.

Location: Delft, the Netherlands (at VSL)

Praktische informatie:


full program 3 days consultation: € 1.829
-or 2 days Teletherapy program: € 1.359
-or 2 days Brachytherapy program: € 1.359

Excluding VAT. Lunches, refreshments and course material are included.

Entry requirements

The course is suitable for participants with a bachelor’s degree or higher in a technical discipline and is given at post-bachelor’s / academic level. It
will help the participant to increase his/hers expertise with using dosimetric concepts in practice. The training is beneficial for both starting and more experienced medical physicists, dosimetrists and medical physics practitioners working in radiotherapy departments or standards laboratories.


Full program: 3 days
Teletherapy program: 2 days
Brachytherapy program: 2 days

Course schedules

The complete course consists of two days of theory in which the general (G), the teletherapy (T) and the brachytherapy (B) modules are treated.

The practical assignment for participants in the complete course is scheduled to take half a day and can either be performed at VSL or at the participant’s institute. The course will be completed at VSL by a plenary review of the assignments. This allows participants to learn from their fellow participant’s experiences. Participants may choose to follow a dedicated two day program in which, together with the general module (G), either teletherapy dosimetry (T) or brachytherapy dosimetry (B) is treated. The practical assignment and review will then take place at VSL during a morning or afternoon session.


The course material is in English. The course will be given in English unless all the attending participants are native Dutch speakers.


All participants will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.

The course lectures are given by a team of professional experts and scientists from VSL with years of experience in the practical application of standard dosimetry both in relation to calibrations, uncertainties and international traceability.


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