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Covid-19 Update – What To Expect From Minerva?

Covid-19 Update – What To Expect From Minerva?

This message is to inform you how we at Minerva anticipate the global Covid-19 pandemic.
We realize that you, your organization and your environment are most likely seriously affected by the outbreak currently, just as it’s affecting us at Minerva.

Of course, as a result of the on-going situation we have taken appropriate action to limit potential disruption and are monitoring the situation closely. 
What to expect from Minerva 

  • Our facilities will remain open for business and are fully operational 
  • You can send in your instruments for servicing as you usually would 
  • Please pay extra attention to take care of regular COSHH practices
  • All our administrative and support staff are working from home as a precautionary measure. As our ICT infrastructure is fully cloud based you will hardly notice any difference in service as a customer or supplier
  • Several of our customers are operating in a crucial sector like medicine, energy, transport, et cetera. If you are in a vital sector and have special need for short turnaround times to minimize interruption of your critical processes, we are ready to help you out and offer our support. Please contact the sales team, or call +31 33 46 22 000 

Like you, we are doing everything we can to run “business as usual” while at the same keeping your health and ours at first place.
We are confident that together we can overcome this unprecedented event.
On behalf of the entire Minerva team,
Henk de Lange
General Manager

Mobile phone: (+31) 6 51 56 81 91

maart 17, 2020

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