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Minerva is among the market leaders in Europe in the field of metrology and calibration. In recent years we have specialized in selling high-quality calibration equipment, professional service and maintenance, and (re)calibration of high precision pressure calibration equipment. Testament to this successful approach is our strong growth in terms of employees, sales and service capabilities.


Minerva has three pillars:


  • Calibrations in our accredited calibration laboratory

The Minerva calibration laboratory is accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council. Our scope ranges from high vacuum to 5,000 bar overpressure. Our maximum resolution is 0,01 Pa. The measurement uncertainty of Minerva falls under the best possible and allows us to join the top of Europe in terms of results. Additionally, Minerva is an Authorized Service Provider for Fluke Calibration. More about our Calibration and Repair Service



  • Supplying high quality calibration equipment

Minerva provides high-quality calibration equipment for pressure, temperature and electrical parameters. Pressure balances, pressure controllers, pressure indicators, accurate thermometers and electrical standards are examples of products we offer to our customers. Minerva is the exclusive distributor for Fluke Calibration and provides project-based, fully equipped calibration laboratories. View products


  • Unique Minerva products

Over the years, Minerva has developed and produced its own products. These products are created from a practical demand from customers where no suitable solution was yet available. Minerva has focused on this and still uses this approach. This ensures that our products are delivered worldwide. View Minerva Products







Available now: Fluke Ex Demo units with up to 30% discount

FLUKE EX DEMO UNIT SALE These ex demo instruments are now for sale! Please let us know if you are interested in any of them.   ECAL    Model type    Discount    ECAL     ... read more

Why a Fluke calibration bath?

A calibration bath is an ideal temperature source for temperature calibration. Each year Fluke Calibration sells more baths for temperature calibration than any other bath maker in the world. Metrologists are, by nature, extremely ... read more

Calibration of natural gas meters

Traditionally natural gas meter calibration can be a tedious job. Reference standards like bell provers consume a lot of space and getting a bell prover calibrated is not easy. An alternative for a bell prover is a Fluke molbox system and ... read more





Highlighted products



MNR 350 - BMC5/6

Autonomous high pressure supply and adjustment system for Beamex MC6 Multifunction Calibrator

P3800 Hydraulic Deadweight Testers

Now 15% off!

MNR 350 - G620

Autonomous high pressure supply and adjustment system for GE dpi 620

5790B AC Measurement Standard

The 5790B AC Measurement Standard is a multi-purpose ac measurement and transfer standard designed for the most demanding calibration applications.