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Our mission

Minerva Metrology and Calibration is focused on providing premium calibration services, ensuring carefree traceability for our customers.   

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Our vision

It is our ambition to become renown worldwide as a high-end partner in metrology. Every day, we strive to be a trustworthy and transparent partner for our customers. To offer them carefree and innovative calibration solutions.

We are happy when our customers are able to operate most accurately and safely with as little down-time as possible. We have been active in the high-end pressure metrology market since the 1980’s, coming from the car industry.

Our focus is on delivering reliable supply, service and support of high end calibration equipment.

Who do we work for and in which markets?

Our prestigious and demanding national and international customer base includes industries like aerospace, process instruments, oil and gas, energy production, pharmaceutical, and multiple national metrology institutes.

Our services EMEA/Worldwide:

Our services in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg:

Ask our team

In the last decade, our team has grown to nearly 20 professionals, from technical specialists to customer service professionals.

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Our team has one mission: providing our customers with premium pressure calibration products and services, ensuring carefree, reliable traceability from vacuum to very high pressure. Are you the one who would like to join this team?

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