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Have your Ametek calibration equipment calibrated in the ISO 17025 accredited lab!

Minerva is specialized in repair and calibration services of Ametek instruments. These Ametek instruments are calibrated in a ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab.  

The calibration is performed by calibration technicians. We have many years of experience in calibrating Ametek instruments. In short, your Ametek instrument is taken good care off!

We focus on a reliable lead time and high standard of our service.

Ametek TQD-400M Deadweight tester Single column / Dual piston

Ametek T series deadweight tester

The Type T tester is a dead weight tester that offers laboratory accuracy in an instrument designed to withstand an industrial environment or daily stresses of a manufacturing environment. Each tester features a re-entrant type measuring piston and cylinder assembly. This design reduces the rate of fluid leakage and increases float time, helping to maintain accuracy as test pressures increase.   

• Accuracy to 0.015% of reading
• Ranges to 15,000 psi
• Available in psi, kg/cm², bar, and kPa
• Small incremental weight sets available.

A dual volume pumping feature allows a large volume of fluid to be added at low pressures to fill the system and increase pressure rapidly. Once filled, switch to a smaller volume to easy pumping and provide finer control at higher pressures. 

• Overhung weight carrier reduces side thrust and friction
• Over-pressure protection prevents piston damage
• 3- leg design with bulls-eye leveling system
• Single and dual column versions available to meet a wide variety of applications

Have your Ametek TQD-400M serviced at Minerva!


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