Desgranges-Huot 5302 calibration and repair

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Have your Desgranges-Huot calibration equipment calibrated in the ISO 17025 accredited lab!

Minerva is specialized in repair and calibration services of Desgranges-Huot instruments. These Desgranges-Huot instruments are calibrated in a ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab.  

The calibration is performed by calibration technicians. We have many years of experience in calibrating Desgranges-Huot instruments. In short, your Desgranges-Huot instrument is taken good care off!

We focus on a reliable lead time and high standard of our service.

Desgranges-Huot 5302 Hydraulic deadweight tester

The model 5302 hydraulic dead-weight tester is a genuine primary standard, which derives the measurement of pressure directly from its fundamental equation p = F/A.
This mechanical measurement principle provides superior reliability and stability over time, eliminates most risks of measurement error and reduces calibration uncertainties

Have your Desgranges-Huot 5302 serviced at Minerva!


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