Wavetek / Datron 4800 Multifunction Calibrator

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Have your Wavetek /Datron 4800 Multifunction Calibrator calibrated in the ISO 17025 accredited lab!

Minerva is specialized in repair and calibration services of WAVETEK DATRON instruments. These Wavetek Datron instruments are calibrated in a ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab.  

The calibration is performed by calibration technicians. We have many years of experience in calibrating Wavetek / Datron instruments. In short, your Wavetek / Datron instrument is taken good care off!

We focus on a reliable lead time and high standard of our service.

Datron/Wavetek 4800 Multifunction Calibrator

The 4800A Calibrator is a precision source of direct and low distortion alternating voltage and current, providing voltages from 0.001 to 1000 volts and currents from 0.001 to 1000 milliamperes, from DC to 50,000 Hertz. The 4800A has six decade keys of voltage and current resolution, a selection of eight standard resistance and a deviation control which provides a readout of meter error on a digital display.

Because of the high accuracy and rapid settling time (even at 50Hz) the Model 4800A finds application in the calibration of analog voltmeters, ammeters, multimeters and also 3 and 4 digit AC and DC digital multimeters.