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Splendid knowledge of pressure calibration

Frank Groenland, Dutch Royal Navy, Ministry of Defense:

“In my role as employee physical techniques I am responsible for standards, accreditations, inter lab comparisons(ILC), calibration procedures, measurement uncertainty budgets and traceability.

I got to know Minerva better through my participation in the technical subcommittee ISO 17025 accredited calibration labs for pressure measurement/calibration. Minerva’s CTO, Carel Adolfse also participates and I noticed that he has a splendid knowledge in the field of pressure calibration.

Unique automated mass handling system

A few years ago a colleague and me decided to pay a visit at the Minerva office in Amersfoort. We were impressed by the knowledge of the Minerva staff, the top notch facilities and the modern lab. Minerva has several piston gauges with automated mass handling system which is unique in The Netherlands and delivers high quality and a short turnaround time. Also, I think it is very valuable that Minerva has a lot of spare parts, another reason for the relatively short turnaround time.

Excellent assistance

After the delivery of the Compass software Minerva gave us professional extra support on-the-job for an effective way of use the software. I also remember Minerva’s excellent assistance during an inter lab(ILC) comparison we organized to guarantee the technical quality of the calibrations we execute ourselves”.

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