Mensor CPC8000-H

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Have your Mensor calibration equipment calibrated in the ISO 17025 accredited lab!

Minerva is specialized in repair and calibration services of Mensor instruments. These Mensor instruments are calibrated in a ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab.  

The calibration is performed by calibration technicians. We have many years of experience in calibrating Mensor instruments. In short, your Mensor instrument is taken good care off!

We focus on a reliable lead time and high standard of our service.

Mensor CPC8000-H  Precision high-pressure controller 

The model CPC8000-H precision hydraulic high-pressure controller is especially suited as a factory/working standard for the automatic testing or calibration of all types of highpressure measuring instruments, due to its high accuracy and control stability. However, autofrettage applications or cyclic pressure-load tests are also ideal application areas, thanks to its robustness and reliability.

For the supply to the controller, other than the voltage supply, only clean dry compressed air for the pneumatic control circuit is needed. As a pressure medium on the output side, hydraulic oil or water (or other media on request) can be used.

Have your Mensor CPC8000-H serviced at Minerva!


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