PicoVACQ Pressure and Temperature

Mesure temperature and pressure in processes, even within the smallest packages

Specially designed for clean industries, all the models of this family enable quality control and process validation of food or pharmacy industries. One of the most common application is sterilization control in small food packagings.

Measure temperature and pressure in processes, even within the smallest packages

PicoVACQ is the most miniaturized family of products from TMI-Orion. The latest electronic technologies are used, while performances are boosted and dimensions reduced to the smallest loggers possible.


PicoVACQ Pressure and Temperature

  • 1 internal Platinum temperature sensor
  • 1 piezoresistive pressure sensor


The PicoVACQ PT is watertight.
To control temperature and pressure, place directly the logger inside the smallest packagings.

PicoVACQ PT is available in Ex version for processes in explosive environment.


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