MNR 170 Gas booster package for pressure controllers and piston gauges

Plug and play gas booster package: including the gas booster kit and connection materials.

The Minerva booster package provides a safe, simple and complete solution to the challenge of very high gas pressure supply generation. It generates up to 103 Mpa gas pressure by boosting the input from a lower gas source, such as a gas bottle. Operations is hands free and self regulating. The booster package is intended to be used as the high-pressure source for calibration and test systems, particularly high pressure gas controllers/calibrators and piston gauges.

  • Safe, simple and complete solution for high pressure gas generation
  • No electrical power required
  • Designed for use with high pressure gas controllers and piston gauges
  • Different version available with different pressure outputs depending to match your requirement
  • Proven reliability, easy to maintain and robust
  • Efficient way to use nitrogen bottles pressure and boost it up to required level

The Minerva booster package generates high gas pressure from a lower gas pressure. The booster is a two-stroke single stage, reciprocating pump that operates continously until the ratio of the drive air on the low pressure psiton and the pressure on the high pressure psiton is in equilibrium.
The output pressure is defined by the drive pressure which the user sets with the built-in regulator and gauge. On the high pressure side an accumulator followed by a high pressure regulator dampens the effect of the booster cycling, assuring a stable and continuous output of pressure.
The high pressure gauge allows the user to observe the high pressure regulator setting.

How it works

(1) Drive air inlet filterhow it works GAS BOOSTER PACKAGE SCHEMATIC
(2) Start/stop ball valve
(3) Drive air regulator 0-10 bar
(4) Drive air pressure gauge 0- 10 bar
(5) Speed regulator
(6) High pressure inlet filter
(7) Inlet pressure gauge
(8) Booster
(9) Buffer, 63 cc
(10) High pressure safet valve
(11) Buffer pressure gauge
(12) High pressure regulator
(13) High presure block valve
(14) High pressure outlet gauge
(15) High pressure relief valve



MNR-170-30 MPa


MNR-170-60 MPa


MNR-170-100 MPa


Regulated high
pressure output
Max. 30 MPa Max. 60 MPa Max. 103 MPa
Gas supply pressure Min. 10 bar/Max. 300 bar Min. 20 bar/Max. 300 bar Min. 50 bar/Max. 300 bar
Booster ratio Supply pressure x 30 Supply pressure x 60 Supply pressure x 150
Shop drive air required Min. 1 bar / Max. 10 bar Min. 1 bar / Max. 10 bar Min. 1 bar / Max. 10 bar
Medium Nitrogen Nitrogen Nitrogen
Safety valve setting 30 MPa 60 MPa 103 MPa
Buffer 1 liter, 36 MPa 63 cc, 155 MPa 63 cc, 155 MPa
High pressure regulator 0,3-41 MPa 1.4-69 MPa 2-103 MPa
Dimensions (LxWxH) 970 x 430 x 460 mm 970 x 430 x 460 mm 970 x 430 x 460 mm
Weight 55 kg 55 kg 55 kg
Ordering code MNR-170-30MPa MNR-170-60MPa MNR-170-100MPa


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