MNR 180 Precision Pressure Regulator

Designed for precise control of gas pressure up to a maximum (output) pressure of 250 bar.

  • Precise control of regulated pressure
  • No dead band and low torque pressure setting
  • Compact design suitable for panel mount
  • Monitoring ports included as standard

The Minerva MNR 180 Precision Pressure Regulator is designed for precise control of gas pressure up to a maximum (output) pressure of 250 bar.

In test and calibration set up the it is very important that the regulated gas pres- sure can be set accurately without any dead band and with the smallest torque possible. These features are incorporated in the design essential for a closed or dead end system. The regulator is self venting.

The regulator has standard 4 pressure ports being an inlet port and outlet port including two monitoring ports. The moni- toring ports enable both inlet and outlet pressure to be measured and displayed.

The regulator is designed for applicati- ons in test and calibration set ups.




Models MNR 180-60 MNR 180-100 MNR 180-160 MNR 180-250

0-60 bar pressure range (6 MPa / 1000 psi) 0-100 bar pressure range (10 MPa / 1500 psi) 0-160 bar pressure range (16 MPa / 2500 psi) 0-250 bar pressure range (25 MPa / 3500 psi)

Pressure connections 1/8” NPT female (4x)
Dimensions 140 x 50 mm (length x diameter)
Weight Approx. 1400 gram
Operating temperature -15°C to + 70°C / -59°F to 158°F
Media Nitrogen or compressed air
Maximum inlet pressure 350 bar / 35 MPa / 5250 psi
Test pressure 150% of max inlet pressure
Burst pressure 300% of max inlet pressure
Body brass chrome plated
Seals Buna-n
Seats Kel-F


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