FPG8601 Automated Calibration System

FPG8601 addresses the need for a means of maintaining long term traceability with very low uncertainty under that covered by conventional piston gauges.





Power Requirements FPG8601 85 to 264 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 60 VA max
VLPC 85 to 264 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 70 VA max
Normal Operating Temperature Range 20 to 26 °C
Ambient Temperature Stability 0.1 °C/minute max rate
Weight FPG8601 Platform 30 kg (66 lb)
FPG8601 Terminal 2 kg (4.4 lb)
VLPC Pressure Controller 41 kg (90.4 lb)
Dimensions FPG8601 Platform 53 cm H x 36 cm W x 35 cm D (21 in. x 14 in. x 14 in.)
FPG8601 Terminal 12 cm H x 15 cm W x 20 cm D (4.7 in. x 6 in. x 8 in.)
VLPC Pressure Controller 31 cm H x 51 cm W x 53 cm D (12.2 in. x 20 in. x 21 in.)
System Controller Runs FPG Tools™, Windows® operating system, RS232 and IEEE-488 interfaces to FPG and DUT data acquisition
Overall Pressure Range 0 to 15 kPa gauge, absolute, absolute differential
Test Medium N2 or Air
Mode Change Time Absolute to Gauge 30 minutes
Gauge to Absolute 1 hour
Vibration Same as conventional piston gauge, vacuum pumps must be connected by flexible tubing
Pressure Supplies Piston-Cylinder Lubrication Gas(FPG8601): 700 to 800 kPa, clean, dry N2 or Air
FPG Reference Vacuum (for absolute modes): Turbo pump: 378 m3/hr typical, 8.10-6 Pa ultimate pressure
Rotary vane pump: 16.5 m3/hr, 0.2 Pa ultimate pressure
VLPC Supply : 700 to 800 kPa, clean, dry N2
VLPC Vacuum: 10 m3/hr @ 0.5 Pa
Drive Air (FPG8601 and VLPC): 400 to 700 kPa shop air
Pressure Connections Test high (FPG8601): KF16
Test low (FPG8601): KF16
Vacuum Ref (FPG8601): KF25
Vacuum (FPG8601): 1/8 in. NPT F
Drive/lubrication (FPG8601): 1/8 in. NPT F
Supply (VLPC): 1/8 in. NPT F
Drive (VLPC): 1/8 in. NPT F
Vacuum (VLPC): KF25

Pressure Measurement

Overall Range 0 to 15 kPa gauge, absolute, absolute differential
Temperature Effect Instrument temperature monitored and alert provided when rate and/or magnitude of temperature change is significant to performance
Resolution Standard: 0.010 Pa
High Resolution Option: 0.001 Pa
Typical Pressure Measurement Uncertainty Standard: Gauge, absolute differential modes: ± (0.020 Pa + 30 ppm rdg)
Absolute mode: ± (0.025 Pa + 30 ppm rdg)
High Resolution Option: Gauge, absolute differential modes: ± (0.005 Pa + 30 ppm rdg)
Absolute mode: ± (0.008 Pa + 30 ppm rdg)
Typical Residual Vacuum in Absolute Mode With Turbo Molecular Pump: 0.04 to 0.1 Pa
With Rotary Vane Pump: 0.3 Pa to 0.4 Pa

Pressure Control

Control Ranges (Pa) Gauge mode:
5 overlapping control ranges
Minimum pressure: 0
Minimum controlled pressure: 0.1 PaAbsolute mode:
5 overlapping control ranges
Minimum pressure: 0.4 to 1 Pa
Minimum controlled pressure: 2 Pa
Control Precision Standard:
Gauge mode: ± (0.020 Pa + 100 ppm of range)
Absolute modes: ± (0.020 Pa + 30 ppm of range)High Resolution Option:
Gauge mode: ± (0.005 Pa + 60 ppm of range)
Absolute modes: ± (0.020 Pa + 30 ppm of range)
Note: Control precision is worst case. Absolute mode constant is smaller in lower ranges.
Nominal Test Volume Gauge Mode: Up to 20 cc/side (high and low)
Absolute Mode: Up to 500 cc/side (high and low)
Typical Pressure Setting Time 1 to 2 minutes, dependent on test volume


Nominal Size Diameter: 35 mm
Area: 10 cm2
Piston Material Tungsten carbide
Cylinder Material Tungsten carbide
Mounting System Non-rotating, self-centering by independently, centrally supplied, lubricating pressure
Piston-Cylinder Gap Symetrical conical gap with dual taper from 6 microns at central lubrication point to 1 micron at cylinder ends
Lubricating Gas Quality Clean, dry N2 or Air, on-board conditioning to 40 to 70 % R.H.
Lubricating Gas Pressure Gauge Mode: 40 kPa gauge
Absolute Modes: 40 kPa absolute
Lubricating Gas Flow: < 1 sccm total to the high and low chambers

Secondary Measurement

Piston-Cylinder Temperature (°C) Range: 0 to 40
Resolution: 0.01
Uncertainty: ± 0.1
Residual Vacuum (Pa) Range: 0 to 13
Resolution: 0.001
Uncertainty: ± (0.5 % rdg + 5 mPa)

Monitoring Measurement

Lubrication Gas Temperature (°C) Range: 0 to 40
Resolution: 0.1
Uncertainty: ± 0.2
Lubrication Gas Pressure (kPa) Range: 0 to 200 absolute
Resolution: 0.001
Uncertainty: ± 0.1
Lubrication Gas Humidity (%RH) Range: 5 to 95
Resolution: 1
Uncertainty: ± 10



Model Name



Force Balanced Piston Gauge System with standard resolution


  • FPG8601 platform
  • FPG8000 terminal
  • FPG8601 10 kPa/kg piston-cylinder Gauge mode operation capability
  • Standard resolution (10 mPa)
  • VLPC pressure controller
  • Interconnections between VLPC and FPG8601 platform
  • System controller with system software, (2) RS232 ports and IEEE-488
  • Piston insertion tool
  • Operation and maintenance manual
  • A2LA accredited calibration report


Accessories common to all models:




FPG8601-MODE-V-REF Vacuum reference mode
MS-8601-2 2.0 kg mass set w/hanger
BENCH-8601-ABS Various vacuum pump choices for the FPG reference and the VLPC controller in absolute modes (consult your Fluke pressure calibration sales representative)
FPG8601-RES-HIGH High resolution (1 mPa)


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