COMPASS® for Pressure v4

COMPASS® for Pressure Calibration Software is a universal platform for all of your pressure calibration software needs.


COMPASS® for Pressure Calibration Software features

  • Designed specifically for pressure calibration applications
  • Runs complete, automated calibration sequences on single or multiple units under test (UUTs), including leak testing and pretest exercising
  • Can include multiple temperatures and/or pressure settings
  • Compatible with transfer standards, piston gauges and data acquisition hardware from all manufacturers
  • Readily adapts level of automation to available hardware and UUTs
  • Calculates in-and-out-of-tolerance conditions; reports linearity and hysteresis for each UUT
  • Creates standard test data files that are easily imported into Microsoft® Excel and other software tools; also outputs to an external database
  • Advanced onboard report editor with simple template editing to produce customized calibration reports in Microsoft Word® format
  • Security options on hardware setups, data files and reports to assist in compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • Multiuser, networkable application and database; site license available
  • Supported by a detailed manual
  • Expert applications and configuration assistance available
  • Available in two versions with features, functions and cost to best fit your needs
  • Export COMPASS® data directly to MET/TRACK® database, allowing MET/TRACK® software to manage all your assets
  • Microsoft® Windows Vista and Microsoft® Windows 7 support
  • Updated help file documentation, including Report Editor fields
  • Calculate repeatability from a single test data file that includes two ascending runs
  • Ready support for calibration of molbox flow terminal pressure measurements

What’s new in Version 4?

  • Auto-detect support for Ruska references
  • Seat-based licensing for economical expansion to multiple users
  • Integrated support of Ruska auto-float controllers and piston gauge monitors
  • Fully automated calibration and adjustment of Fluke 700 pressure modules when used with a Fluke controller reference.
  • Import of existing WinPrompt metrological information into COMPASS
  • Export to MET/TRACK® software now supports multiple standards and customizable prompts
  • Version 4.2 supports the calibration functions of CalTool for Reference Pressure Transducers (RPTs), allowing users to fully adjust and report calibration results for supported Fluke Calibration products


Pressure Calibration Management Software
COMPASS® for Pressure Calibration Software is a universal platform for all of your pressure calibration software needs. From piston gauges calibrating individual devices in the cal lab to transfer standards characterizing racks of sensors in production, COMPASS® provides an off-the-shelf software tool to maximize the automation of your calibration and testing processes.

COMPASS® for Pressure’s industry leading pressure calibration software enables you to advance from individual automated hardware components to a fully automated calibration system - quickly, and without consuming your internal engineering resources. COMPASS® software, and the expert assistance available from the product application specialists at Fluke Calibration, remove the unknowns often associated with getting automated systems online.

COMPASS for Pressure integrates calibration functions with pressure-specific dependencies that are missing from more generic software packages. And now, COMPASS software also enables users to export test data directly to the same MET/BASE database used by MET/CAL® Plus Calibration Management Software.  Users can now manage their inventory, calibration location, maintenance and customers through MET/TRACK® software.

Structured around the unit under test
COMPASS® for Pressure Calibration Software is structured around unit under test (UUT) and test definitions. UUT definitions identify devices to be tested with all their characteristics. Test definitions define test sequences and all the details of test execution.
The pressure reference devices, data acquisition equipment and auxiliary measurement and control devices that are available to COMPASS® software are set up and stored in a hardware database to be selected by the function(s) they perform. All Fluke Calibration devices and many commonly used data acquisition products are already set up as examples to simplify the implementation of actual test hardware. When running COMPASS® software, hardware selections can be changed without programming or interfacing skills.

Flexibility to fit your hardware setup
COMPASS® for Pressure Calibration Software can run either scripted test definitions or free form with real time hardware selections, pressure setting and user initiated data acquisition. In either case, exhaustive test parameters and data are stored in a comprehensive data file.

Extensive plotting features allow test results to be visualized and evaluated within COMPASS® soft-ware with a variety of 2D and 3D plots. Test data files are in standard ASCII, delimited format, so they are very easily imported into other analytical tools such as spreadsheets, if desired.

The COMPASS® Report Editor provides advanced reporting capability within COMPASS® software with easy-to-use, customizable templates.

Piston gauge support
COMPASS® for Pressure Calibration Software supports Fluke Calibration PG7000 and 2400 Series as well as third party piston gauges. Characteristics of multiple platforms, piston-cylinders and mass sets are stored. All parameters affecting piston gauge measurements (piston-cylinder temperature, piston position, piston rotation rate, environmental conditions, reference vacuum) can be read automatically from any interfaceable device; set to default values; or entered manually when running. COMPASS software works in mass-to-pressure or pressure-to-mass mode and provides the user with instructions al prompts during test execution.

COMPASS for Pressure enables automated piston flotation and mass handling where supported by Fluke Calibration piston gauge hardware. Full support of Ruska Autofloat controller and Piston Gauge Monitor is integrated into COMPASS software, offering current WinPrompt software users an opportunity to upgrade to the modern, fully-functional platform of COMPASS.

Advanced Report Editor
COMPASS® software’s integrated Report Editor provides advanced but easy-to-use reporting capabilities. The custom template creation feature gives nearly unlimited customization capability. Operation has the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Word, and reports can be saved in MS Word format.

COMPASS® for Pressure Enhanced
This most advanced level of COMPASS® provides the greatest value to most users. It supports complex tests, including custom user macros within the test sequence and multiple outputs from a single UUT. It includes automated support of third party transfer standards and can communicate with almost any device having an RS-232, IEEE-488 or TCP/IP interface.

COMPASS® for Pressure Enhanced includes features for advanced users and applications. These features allow more complex test sequences, which may include operating valves and other auxiliary equipment before/after tests or between points. These capabilities can be used, for example, to switch pressure references during a test, include a shunt calibration, or take a zero absolute pressure point from a vacuum gauge with a vacuum pump connected directly to the UUT.

COMPASS® for Pressure Enhanced supports environmental chamber control and/or a line pressure setting device. Test definitions can specify that a pressure sequence be repeated at multiple temperatures and/or line pressures.
COMPASS for Pressure Enhanced includes device macros using Visual Basic® Script to create commands for instruments that do not use simple ASCII character command strings and that may require multi-step communications.

COMPASS® for Pressure Basic
This version was developed for performing basic calibration and testing on UUTs, even those that may have complex outputs. The reference may be any Fluke Calibration pressure standard (PPC/RPM or PG7000) or any manufacturer’s piston gauge/deadweight tester. COMPASS® for Pressure Basic includes features such as security options and networked operation.



COMPASS® use information COMPASS® for Pressure is delivered on an installation CD. It is a proprietary software program with each license intended for single computer use.
Minimum computer requirements to run COMPASS® for Pressure IBM PC or compatible running a 32-bit version of Windows (Windows XP, Vista, or 7 operating system), 500 MHz processor, 256 MB RAM and 50 MB free hard disk space



Model Name Description
COMPASS-P-ENH-SNGL COMPASS for Pressure, Enhanced, Single User

Single user program includes one license and must be purchased initially for any stand-alone installation.

For additional users of the same COMPASS database, purchase additional seat licenses.

COMPASS-P-ENH-L COMPASS for Pressure, Enhanced, Additional Seat License

For additional users of the same COMPASS database, purchase additional seat licenses.

COMPASS-P-BAS-SNGL COMPASS for Pressure, Basic, Single User

Single user program includes one license and must be purchased initially for any stand-alone installation.

For additional users of the same COMPASS database, purchase additional seat licenses.

COMPASS-P-BAS-L COMPASS for Pressure, Basic, Additional Seat License

For additional users of the same COMPASS database, purchase additional seat licenses.


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