Fluke MET/CAL® Plus Calibration Management Software (with MET/BASE and MET/TRACK® Software) Version 8.1

The complete solution for automating calibration processes plus managing and reporting measurement assets

The complete solution for automating calibration processes plus managing and reporting measurement assets

Calibration labs have their share of challenges: an increasing and more complex workload; fewer technicians; a growing list of quality standards. Above all, there’s constant pressure to reduce costs.
MET/CAL® Plus Version 8 Calibration Management Software helps you to meet those challenges by managing and calibrating your workload more efficiently. It includes MET/CAL® – the industry-leading software for automated calibration and MET/TRACK® – a dedicated system to manage your test and measurement assets. It is the most complete software solution available to calibration professionals. MET/CAL® Plus software supports the way your lab operates:
  • Add new items to MET/TRACK just by typing information into a form.
  • Generate recall reports.
  • Perform fast, repeatable, and powerful automated calibrations.
  • Store all parameters for every calibration test step for future reporting or analysis and a clear audit trail.
  • Create and print ad hoc reports in Quick Report Builder or build your own reports using Crystal Reports Professional (included).
With all of these capabilities, MET/CAL® Plus offers the most comprehensive calibration automation solution available. And we back it up with MET/SUPPORT Gold plans that help you get up and running and keep you as productive as possible. Join the worldwide community of calibration professionals who have discovered the value of MET/CAL® Plus.

What’s new in Version 8?

  • New expanded Procedure Editor with flexible user interface and enhanced functionality
  • Increased security for accredited procedures
  • Ability to automate a wider variety of references
  • Compliance to Z540.3 decision rules by guard banding
  • Greater flexibility and expanded support of power meters and sensors
  • New LIB FSC that allows procedure access to external programs
  •  Access to National Instruments DLLS, enabling calibration of PXI instruments with MET/CAL software
  •  Option to use Excel for customized plotting and calculations
  • Linked online help

MET/CAL® Calibration Management Software delivers automated calibration that is both easy and powerful

Users report that MET/CAL software is four to eight times faster than manual calibration and provides consistent, fast calibration across your entire workload. More calibration facilities have automated with MET/CAL software than all other products combined.
MET/CAL software is a powerful, flexible, full-featured automated calibration environment for PCs running the Microsoft Windows operating system. It generates and writes test results to the database managed by MET/TRACK software and enables you to:
  • Create and edit calibration procedures using a wide range of standards.
  • Run the procedures.
  • Collect test data during the calibration process.
  • Generate calibration reports and certificates.
  • Make data available to other software applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel.
With MET/CAL, it is easy to perform calibrations faster and with more repeatable results, and to collect and report a wealth of information.

Use our extensive procedure library or write your own with the new Procedure Editor

MET/CAL software comes with sample procedures that can be used as is or can be modified to meet your specific requirements. These procedures are also valuable as examples to guide you through creating your own. By subscribing to the MET/SUPPORT Gold software support program, you can have continuous access to a wide range of warranted procedures at no additional cost.
You can also write or edit your own procedures. MET/CAL Plus 8 features a new Procedure Editor, based on the MS Visual Studio integrated development environment. The new Editor’s modern, flexible user interface makes it a powerful development tool. A linked online help system provides examples to help you along. Users can edit multiple procedures at once, enhancing productivity, thanks to improved layout of windows. Debugging is easier, too. Built-in editor functions include undo, redo, tool-tip help, intellisense, and syntax highlighting.

Manage metrology assets the easy way with MET/TRACK® software

MET/TRACK is the powerful test and measurement database management system that manages inventory, calibration, location, maintenance, and customers for MET/CAL Plus software. MET/TRACK software delivers flexibility, power, and security that is not available in generic database applications. And it supports the traceability and record-keeping requirements of quality and accreditation standards, including ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9000, QS 9000, EN 45000, ANSI Z540.3, and MIL STD 45662A – without requiring you to write your own programs, setup your own databases, or test and document the system.

A total integrated calibration solution that scales to meet your needs

MET/CAL Plus Calibration Management Software features modular architecture so that you can acquire exactly the capability you need, and add to it as your requirements change. Its client/server architecture ensures that MET/CAL software scales from a single personal computer to multiple workstations attached to your network.
Choose from a variety of MET/CAL Plus modules to create the system that you need.
  • MET/BASE is the engine of your system, when combined with the appropriate licenses to meet your needs. It includes the database, all the MET/CAL Plus programs and the Crystal Reports Professional report writer.
  • MET/CAL-L is a single, concurrent MET/CAL license. It unlocks Procedure Editor, MET/CAL Runtime and MET/TRACK capabilities for one workstation. Multiple licenses can be applied to create a multi-workstation system configured to one central server running on a network.
  • MET/TRACK-L provides a concurrent license for the test and measurement asset management capabilities of MET/CAL Plus. This is for applications that require only asset management, or for additional MET/TRACK workstations.
  • Warranted procedures for MET/CAL Plus. These optional calibration procedures are written by Fluke metrologists to satisfy your need for ready-to-go, fully tested procedures. They are warranted by Fluke Calibration to follow the item’s recommended calibration procedures. The warranty assures you of Fluke’s full support for the original, unaltered procedure.
  • Barcode Magician® software enables you to make real-time batch updates to your MET/CAL Plusdatabase. Barcode Magician uses either a simple barcode reader or the keyboard to increase productivity while reducing data entry errors. Available as BC Magic Basic or BC Magic Plus with Enhanced Features.
  • MET/CAL EMAIL allows you to schedule the delivery of e-mail from the MET/TRACK application.
  • Change/Log keeps track of changes to MET/TRACK tables.
  • The 5000A-RH/T precision Humidity and Temperature Data Logger enables MET/CAL to read temperature and humidity directly into a calibration record as you start to run a procedure.
  • Fluke Calibration 5020A Thermo-Hygrometer is a dual-sensor, graphical data logger/analyzer offering precise real-time and historical display and analysis of temperature and humidity data. It includes an interface to MET/CAL for importing data into calibration records.
  • Enrolling in the annual MET/SUPPORT Gold program gives you additional premium support and services to help you get the most from MET/CAL Plus.
  • Training is available to help new MET/CAL users get up to speed quickly. Classroom, online, and CD-ROM based training is designed to meet a wide range of learning preferences and budgets.
  • Manual MET/CAL software is an application for calibration professionals who calibrate most of their workload manually and need to collect, store and report calibration data consistently and efficiently.
  • COMPASS for Pressure is a universal platform for all your pressure calibration software needs.
  • COMPASS for Flow is a universal platform for all your flow calibration software needs.
  • MET/TEMP II automates the calibration of temperature sensors.


Minimum system requirements

  • 1.5 GHz Pentium 4 processor or equivalent
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 3 GB of available hard drive space on the server
  • 1 GHz Pentium 4 processor or equivalent
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 1 GB of available hard drive space
Operating system
  • Windows® XP SP3
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit)
  • Windows 2008 (32 and 64-bit)
Supported network protocols: TCP/IP
Backup device: Strongly recommended
Monitor: 1024 x 768 or large recommended

---- model accessoires

Model Name


MET/CAL-L License for MET/CAL, includes capabilities of MET/TRACK. MET/BASE-8 or earlier version required.
MET/CAL-LU License disk upgrade. MET/BASE-8 and license report for prior version (7.0 to 7.0.1) of MET/CAL required.
MET/CAL-LX License disk upgrade. MET/BASE-8 and license report for prior version (7.1 or newer) of MET/CAL required.
MET/TRACK-LU License disk upgrade. MET/BASE-8 and license report for prior version (7.0 to 7.0.1) of MET/TRACK required.
MET/TRACK-LX License disk upgrade. MET/BASE-8 and license report for prior version (7.1 or newer) of MET/TRACK required.
MET/BASE-8 Calibration Software Database System. One or more MET/CAL and/or MET/TRACK license disks required for use.
MET/BASE-8U MET/BASE upgrade. Upgrades MET/BASE from version 7.0 or later to current version. Upgrade licenses are also required for systems running MET/BASE older than version 8.0.
MET/CAL/BASE Includes 1 MET/BASE-8 and 1 MET/CAL-L (for Europe only)
Manual MET/CAL-L Manual MET/CAL Calibration Software License
COMPASS-P-ENH-SNGL COMPASS for Pressure, Enhanced, Single User

Single user program includes one license and must be purchased initially for any stand-alone installation.

For additional users of the same COMPASS database, purchase additional seat licenses.

COMPASS-P-BAS-SNGL COMPASS for Pressure, Basic, Single User

Single user program includes one license and must be purchased initially for any stand-alone installation.

For additional users of the same COMPASS database, purchase additional seat licenses.

9938-16 SOFTWARE, MET/TEMP II, 115V 60HZ
9938-25 SOFTWARE, MET/TEMP II, 230V 50HZ


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