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Temperature calibration

Are you, like many other companies, depending on accurate and traceable temperature calibration of your measurement equipment? When timely maintenance is required, getting help from a trusted and established specialist is the best option. At Minerva Metrology & Calibration, we have been helping calibration laboratories and departments for more than 30 years, with service & maintenance and recalibration of their own primary and secondary standards.


So with this heritage, you can trust Minerva with your most accurate temperature calibration measurement instruments.

Our approach is fast, reliable and transparent, so that you get worry-free traceability.

What is temperature calibration?

In many machines and devices, temperature measurement is important for optimal performance of the device or process in question. This is the case in devices such as your room thermostat, the temperature of the air conditioning in your car, the cooling system of a nuclear power plant, or the various temperatures of an aircraft flying at an altitude of ten kilometres.

We can even calibrate a medical thermometer. Calibration services are also relevant and important in processes such as refining, food, chemical industries and power plants, where sensors transmit the measured temperature values to a central control computer, via electrical signals.

Temperature calibration is the comparison of a temperature measurement instrument (machine) or device with a calibration standard. This is how we determine the measurement deviation (bias), by comparing with a calibration reference or calibration standard. We compare a number of measurement values of your instrument with a calibration standard that can be traced back to (inter)national standards.

In the SI system, the kelvin (K) is the unit for temperature. In our daily lives, Celsius and Fahrenheit are more recognised as temperature measurement units.

Why use Minerva Calibrations for temperature calibration?

With our team, your temperature calibration measurement instruments are in good hands. We work with more than 1,000 customers across 69 countries.  We believe in technology, innovation and communication – and the fact that many of our customers are long-standing is testament to this. But calibration service is and remains ‘human work’, which is why we ensure that you always have a permanent contact within Minerva for a truly personal service. This assists your rapid maintenance requirements.

Our customer feedback indicates that we excel in maintaining, repairing and calibrating the most accurate equipment. Our innovative and ISO / IEC 17025 accredited lab makes this possible – being equipped with the highest quality measuring equipment delivering accuracy.



We also collaborate with fellow calibration labs that operate at the same level. In this way, we guarantee that we calibrate your temperature and temperature calibration measurement equipment at the highest standard, ensuring the best possible measurement results.

Time and time again we exceed our customers’ high expectations – from NMI’s and high-tech companies in aerospace, gas and oil, through to pharmaceutical, electronics and medical equipment.

At Minerva Calibrations, we understand the inconvenience that repair or calibration requirements presents, which is why the Minerva online portal facilitates direct insight into the service process. This allows you to follow the service progress, from day one through to completion.

Benefits of temperature calibration

  • Correct and reliable temperature measurement
  • Optimal performance of your instrument or machine
  • Prevents waste
  • Process improvement and profit optimalisation
  • Detection of obsolete equipment

A large number of brands

We maintain, repair and calibrate a wide range of temperature measurement and calibration equipment from different brands.

These include:  Fluke, Hart-Scientific, Isotech, Jofra, Ametek, Sika, Druck, Additel, Guissani, Leitenberger, Instrutek, ASL, Dostmann, Tamson, Techne, Ahlborn, Time Electronics, Tinsley, Thermo-Electric, Thermo-Electra, TTI, Klasmeier, Beamex, Presys, Nagman, Kambic, Leyro and Kaye.

Temperature calibration cost

Every request is unique. That is why we determine the costs based on the type of measurement instrument, the maximum inaccuracy of the instrument and the measurement procedure. The cost is tailored to your exact requirement, meaning you will not be overcharged. We recognise that calibration of a thermometer represents a very different scope of work to  the calibration of a complicated  device with many inputs.

We are happy to send you a bespoke and exact quote. To request a quote email us at sales@minerva-calibration.com. Simply provide a brief description of your requirement within the e-mail, and let us do the rest! You can also click on the quotation request button below.

For your temperature calibration needs, ask Minerva Calibrations

Are you looking for a professional and reliable partner for your precious instruments? Minerva Metrology & Calibration has been active in calibration of high-quality temperature and temperature calibration measurement instruments for more than 30 years – no device will surprise us!

Our team is highly trained, yet we are committed to continuously improving the quality of the calibration process. This results in short lead times and high customer satisfaction.

Take advantage of our knowledge and experience and  contact us for your challenge.

Minerva Team
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