RF Calibration accessoires

Employing good connector practice when using an RF calibrator not only avoids measurement errors and minimizes connector repeatability uncertainties but also reduces risk of damage to connectors and equipment. The 9600CONN connector kit includes one each of 50 Ω and 75 N-Type male-female adapter for use with the 9640A levelling head as a “connector saver” or “sacrificial connector” to avoid risk of damage when connecting an RF calibrator to UUT/DUT instruments. The 9600CONN connector kit also includes two torque wrenches, one for SMA/3.5mm connectors and one for N-Type connectors. The torque wrenches are pre-set to the required torque value to ensure the correct connector tightening, minimizing connector repeatability uncertainties and avoiding risk of connector damage.

Even with the best low phase noise signal generators, filters are commonly used during spectrum analyzer phase noise calibration tests, reducing noise levels at wide (high) offset frequencies to improve test margins for the high performance models. The 9600FLT 1 GHz bandpass filter accessory is purpose designed for high performance spectrum analyzer calibration wide-offset phase noise testing and connects easily to 9640A models in either benchtop or rack-mounted applications.

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