7196 LN2 Comparison Calibrator

If you need to do calibrations at the triple point of argon but don’t want to use an argon triple point cell, 7196LN2 Comparison Calibrator is your solution


Lowest-cost calibration to -196 °C

  • Low-cost calibrations to –196°C
  • Simple to use
  • Uncertainty less than 2 mK

If you need to do calibrations at the triple point of argon but don’t want the complexity and cost of using an argon triple point cell, Fluke Calibration's Model 7196 LN2 Comparison Calibrators will solve your problems. And they do it for less than half the price of other argon triple point simulators

The nominal boiling point of nitrogen is –196°C at one atmosphere of pressure. The defining triple point of argon is –189.3442°C. While there is a difference between the nominal boiling point of nitrogen and the argon triple point, the difference can be corrected for mathematically, and an uncertainty of less than 2 mK from the actual argon triple point is achievable.

Fluke Calibration's LN2 Comparison Calibrators consist of a super-insulated glass dewar, a high-purity copper block, and a precision-fit lid. The dewar is filled with LN2 and the copper block is suspended in it; an SPRT is inserted into the block and a calibration is performed against your own calibrated SPRT. The 7196-4 includes four 8-mm (0.32") wells. The 7196-13 includes five 8-mm (0.32") wells and eight 6.35-mm (0.25") wells.

Fluke Calibration's LN2 Comparison Calibrators are neither expensive nor complicated to use. If you need supporting data or would like to discuss the theory of operation of an LN2 Comparison Calibrator, call Fluke Calibration today.






Temperature Nominal –196°C depending on atmospheric pressure
Thermal Wells 7196-4: four 8 mm (0.32") I.D. wells
7196-13: five 8 mm (0.32") I.D. wells, eight 6.35 mm (0.25") I.D. wells
Both blocks: 275 mm immersion from top of lid to bottom of well, 150 mm immersion into copper block
Dimensions 180 mm O.D. x 385 mm high
Temperature Stability Typically better than 2 mK/20 min[1]
Temperature Uniformity <0.0004 °C
Volume 3.5 liters of liquid nitrogen
[1] The equilibrium temperature will change with the atmospheric pressure (dT/dp » 0.085 mK/Pa). The actual temperature stability depends on atmospheric pressure stability.



Model Name


7196-4 LN2 Comparison Calibrator, 4 holes
7196-13 LN2 Comparison Calibrator, 13 holes

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