Piston cylinder sets for high end piston gauges

The piston cylinder system is the heart of the pressure balance and the key to its performance and
hydraulic operation. Add pressure capability for your existing pressure balance by adding piston/
cylinder(s). This cost-effective Minerva piston cylinder fits in many pressure balances!

  • Compatible with Desgranges & Huot 5000 series pressure balances
  • Compatible with Wika CBP6000 & CPB6000-D pressure balances
  • Simple plug & play solution
  • Reduced investment to maintain your current pressure balance in operation
  • Expand your measurement capabilities

Different sizes

There are 5 different sizes of Minerva piston cylinders in diameter ranges between 2.3 - 10 mm.
The benefit is that you can select the one which is best for your desired pressure range and further requirements.
The small diameters give a high pressure to mass reducing excessive amounts of masses and related labour and keeps the total system as compact as possible.




Material  Piston  Tungsten carbide
 Cylinder  Tungsten carbide  

Gas operated oil lubricated piston cylinders

Nominal mass to pressure conversion  Medium   Uncertainty in Aeff   Ordering code
125  kPa/kg gas 0,0070%  MNR-520-PC125K
250 kPa/kg gas 0,0050%  MNR-520-PC250K
500 kPa/kg gas 0,0050%  MNR-520-PC500K
1,25 MPa/kg gas 0,0050%  MNR-520-PC1,25M
2,5 MPa/kg gas 0,0070%  MNR-520-PC2,5M

Oil operated piston cylinders

Nominal mass to pressure conversion  Medium   Uncertainty in Aeff   Ordering code
125  kPa/kg oil 0,0070%  MNR-530-PC125K
250 kPa/kg oil   0,0050% MNR-530-PC250K
500  kPa/kg oil   0,0050% MNR-530-PC500K
1,25  MPa/kg oil   0,0050% MNR-530-PC1,25M
2,5  MPa/kg oil   0,0070% MNR-530-PC2,5M

Available Models

Minerva piston cylinders are available in two versions:

mnr 520 minervaMNR 520-PCxxx is intended for
pneumatic operation with liquid lubrication
with Desgranges et Huot 5200 series or Wika
model CPB6000-PX pressures balances.




mnr 530 minervaMNR 530-PCxxx is intended for
hydraulic operation with Desgranges et Huot
5300 series or Wika MODEL CPB6000-HL /
CPB6000-HX pressure balances.



The piston cylinder systems for pneumatic operation with liquid lubrication have a groove set into the inner bore to
which liquid is supplied through two radial holes.

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