Fluke 8588A Reference Multimeter


The 8588A Reference Multimeter is the world’s most stable digitizing multimeter. Designed for calibration laboratories, this long-scale high-precision reference features superior accuracy and long-term stability over a wide measurement range, with an intuitive user interface and a color display.

The 8588A delivers reliable and reproducible measurements with exceptional performance suitable for primary level laboratories. With more than 12 measurement functions, including the new digitize voltage, digitize current, capacitance, RF power, and external shunts for dc and ac current, the 8588A helps you consolidate your lab’s cost of test into a single measurement instrument. Its superb analog performance is augmented by Fluke Calibration’s new high-speed system design and the industry’s fastest direct digitizing capability, enabling significant throughput increase for many automated systems demanding a combination of the highest speed and best accuracy.

The 8588A holds industry’s best one-year dc voltage accuracy of 2.7 uV/V at 95 % confidence interval, or 3.5 uV /V at 99 %, and best 24-hour stability of 0.5 uV/V (95 %) or 0.65 uV/V (99 %), enabling it to outperform other long-scale reference multimeters on the market. The 8588A further pushes the speed envelope by producing a stable 8.5 digits reading in a mere one second.

The 8588A platform consists of two models:

  • The 8588A Reference Multimeter is designed for calibration and metrology laboratories that require the highest stability for the most accurate measurements to maintain maximum confidence in traceability
  • The 8558A 8.5 Digit Multimeter offers a subset of 8588A functions and features at an extremely competitive accuracy and speed performance.

Each model features a common intuitive user interface with an easy-to-navigate menu structure for all configuration and matching SCPI-compliant commands for an automated environment. In addition, both models support a minimum of 100,000 readings per second at 4.5 digits across GPIB, USB or Ethernet.

8588A feature callouts

Fluke 8588A with callouts (Front)

A. Visual Connection Management terminals
Active terminals light up, guiding the user to make the correct connections.

B. Easy-to-access configurations
Range, aperture, input impedance, RMS filter and other measurement configurations are readily available.

C. Large, bright full color display
The intuitive user interface and flat menu structure make it easy to access configurations and view trend plots, waveforms, FFT, histogram and statistics.

D. Programmable front/rear electronic switch
Eliminates manual operation and allows immediate ratio results through a single remote command.

E. 30 A terminal (8588A only; 2A for 8558A)
Enables industry's widest current measurement range through a single terminal.

F. Soft menu keys
Adapt to the active function, so the menu structure is intuitive and easy to learn.

G. Multi-language selection
Choice of English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish.

H. Run/Stop trigger
Toggles the continuous, or free run, measurement state.

I. USB ports
Download data quickly and easily to a flash drive.

Fluke 8588A with callouts (Back)
J. Trig in/Trig out
Precise triggering maximizes synchronization in system automation.

K. Freq Counter
Enables 100 MHz frequency counter measurement at 0.5 uHz/z.

L. Rear panel input terminals
Mirrors front panel input terminals for connection compatibility and allows for front/rear ratio measurement.

M. IEEE 488, LAN, USB interfaces
Standard remote interface for straightforward system integration.

N. USB port
Download data quickly and easily to a flash drive.

O. 2 A terminal

8588A key features and performance

DC voltage
  • 100 mV to 1000 V, (1050V max)
  • 2.02x full scale
  • Maximum resolution: 1 nV
  • 2.7 μV/V (95 %) 3.5 μV/V (99 %), 1 year
  • 0.5 μV/V (95 %) 0.65 μV/V (99 %), 24 hour stability
  • 0 to 10 s reading aperture (200 ns resolution)
DC current
  • 10 uA to 30 A (8588A only; 2 A for 8558A)
  • 2.02x full scale
  • Maximum resolution: 1 pA
  • 6.5 μA/A (95 %), 8.4 μA/V (99 %), 1 year
  • 0 ns to 100 s reading aperture
AC voltage
  • 10 mV to 1000 V, 1 Hz to 10 MHz, (1050 Vrms max)
  • 2.02x full scale Vpp, 1.2x full scale Vrms
  • Maximum resolution: 1 nV
  • 60 μV/V (95 %), 77 μV/V (99 %), 1 year
AC current
  • 10 uA to 30 A (8588A only; 2 A for 8558A)
  • 2.02x full scale Vpp, 1 Hz to 100 kHz 1.2x full scale Vrms
  • Maximum resolution: 1 pA
  • 250 μA/A (95 %), 323 μA/V (99 %), 1 year
  • 1Ω to 10 GΩ (20 GΩ max)
  • 2.02x full scale
  • Maximum resolution: 10 nΩ
  • 7 μΩ/Ω (95 %), 9 μΩ/Ω (99 %), 1 year
  • Low current mode, high voltage mode and Tru Ohms™
Digitize V
  • 100 mV to 1000 V, (1050 V max)
  • 2.02x full scale
  • Maximum resolution: 18 bits
  • 5 mega-samples per second sample rate
  • Up to 20 MHz bandwidth
Digitize I
  • 10 μA to 30 A (8588A only; 2A for 8558A)
  • 2.02x full scale
  • Maximum resolution: 18 bits
  • 5 mega-samples per second sample rate
  • Up to 4 MHz bandwidth
Frequency or period
  • Voltage, up to 10 MHz
  • Current, up to 100 kHz
  • Frequency up to 100 MHz on BNC
  • 0.5 μHz/Hz, 1 year
  • 1 nF to 100 mF
  • 400 μF/F, 1 year
  • PRT and thermocouple
  • 5 mK, 1 year
RF power
  • Rhode & Schwarz NRP series DC I and AC I external shunt

DC I and AC I external shunt

  • A40B and any other external shunt
Reading speed
  • 1 reading /s @ 8.5 digit into memory
  • 100,000 readings /s @ 4.5 digit into memory
  • Up to 500,000 readings /s into volatile memory in digitize V and I
  • Up to 500,000 readings/s transfer through USB in binary format
Measurement memory
  • 15 million readings
  • 7.5 million readings with time stamp
GPIB, USBTMC, Ethernet
  • Native SCPI compliant remote commands
  • 8508A and 3458A emulation mode
  • Fully support MET/CAL™ calibration procedures library in Fluke 8508A emulation
  • IVI driver
  • USB thumb drive for convenient data transfer in .csv format
Trigger mechanisms
  • Manual trigger
  • External BNC Trig In and Trig Out
  • Internal or level trigger
  • Timer trigger
  • Epoch trigger
  • Line trigger
  • BUS trigger
CE and CSA compliant

Stability, simplicity and performance by design

The 8588A incorporates exceptional linearity, low noise and stability in the design. This best-in-class long-scale digital reference multimeter guarantees superior 3.5 ppm one-year dc voltage relative accuracy and long-term stability over a wide measurement range and functions.

The 8588A contains the world’s most stable voltage references and attenuators custom crafted at Fluke Calibration.  These precision components eliminate the need for daily internal self-calibration to compensate for drift when less-precise components are used.  Autozeroing also becomes unnecessary because the amplifier offsets are ultra-stable.  The 8588A achieves an exceptional 8.5-digit resolution reading in one second, two times shorter than the next best in class, which amounts to considerable productivity improvements.

The 8588A is easy and intuitive to use. It is the ideal lab multimeter for metrologists and calibration laboratory managers who expect and appreciate a straightforward setup that quickly achieves the maximum performance of the instrument.

  • 2.7 µV/V (95%), 3.5 µV/V (99%), 1 year relative accuracy, dc voltage without internal self-calibration or auto-adjustments
  • 0.5 µV/V (95%), 0.65 µV/V (99%), 24 hour stability, dc voltage
  • 7 µΩ/Ω (95%), 9 µΩ/Ω (99%), 1 year, resistance
  • 2.02x full scale stretches lower noise floor to higher signal levels to maximize higher accuracies from the instrument
  • 200 ns to 100 s aperture setting allows the industry's widest flexibility to control data capture window

Accuracy, offset and stability provide excellent ac performance

The 8588A provides the most accurate true ac rms measurement available in a Fluke Calibration multimeter.

With a 5 mega-samples-per-second sampling analog-to-digital converter and an extraordinarily stable dc analog path, the 8588A achieves remarkable ac rms measurement performance that is ten times faster, two times less noisy, and more sensitive for low level signals than other instruments in this class. It utilizes digital rms calculations to maintain full resolution of a wide dynamic range of digitized signals, so you can see a wide range of measurements clearly.

Rapid digital filters are more effective than their analog equivalents for faster settling. The digital filters eliminate the dielectric absorption on analog filters, commonly associated with residual slow-tail characteristics. The digital filters effectively shorten settling time to within 6 cycles of the filter frequency and less than 1 ppm of the fully settled value.This is up to 10 times faster than other long scale precision digital multimeters at low frequencies.

Low noise is achieved from averaging the collected high-resolution digitized data and the inherently stable signal path. De-coupling low level signal sensitivity from temperature drift enables the 8588A to make higher accuracy low-level ac measurements. Therefore, temperature drift, offsets, and long-term instability typically associated with an analog rms converter are eliminated.

  • 60 µV/V (95%), 77 µV/V (99%), 1 year relative accuracy, for the most accurate ac voltage measurement
  • 250 µA/A (95%), 323 µA/A (99%), 1 year relative accuracy, ac current
  • 15 ms settling time at 1kHz ac filter form 10x faster ac voltage measurement
  • 2.02x full scale Vpp, 1.2x full scale rms
  • Up to 30 A for peak ac current greatly extends ac current measurement range

8588A AC voltage measurement, screen capture
AC voltage measurement

8588A AC voltage measurement settings, screen capture
AC voltage measurement settings

Usability designed for metrologists by metrologists

The 8588A is the ideal lab multimeter. It streamlines the measurement process while eliminating misunderstandings, with an easy-to-access user interface in English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish. An intuitive graphical display lets you easily visualize trends, histograms, complex waveforms, and statistics and perform routine metrology tasks quickly. You can perform both real-time and post-capture analysis for short-term and long-term stability, identifying and quantifying drifts, run-around noise and uncertainty analysis without the need for an external computer or software. You can also quickly visualize post-processed frequency domain signals of fundamental and harmonic amplitude and phase content.

Some popular system multimeters have complex menu structures and unintuitive commands, while others lack any user interface, presenting barriers to training and operation. By contrast, the 8588A/8558A feature an easyto- access configuration menu that makes it easy to train new users.

The front panel features many new usability improvements. Visual Connection Management™ output terminals light up to show which terminals are active, guiding the user to make the correct connections. The handles are over-molded for comfort and easy transport.

USB host ports are placed both on the front and rear of the instrument. Use the ports to export data to external memory devices or simplify firmware updates. For remote communication with a PC, choose from Ethernet, GPIB or USBTMC connectors on the rear panel.

The 8558A/8558A provide full emulation of the Fluke 8508A Reference Multimeter and command compatibility of the Keysight 3458A Digital Multimeter via SCPI commands, making it an ideal replacement for these older instruments.

  • Graphical display that enables instantaneous visualization of trend plot, statistical analysis, histogram and FFT.
  • GPIB, USBTMC, Ethernet allows industry standard selection of remote interface. • USB thumb drive enables quick and easy data transfer to PC in .csv format.
  • SCPI compliant commands with 8508A and 3458A emulation mode simplifies and accelerates system upgrade process to 8588A/8558A
  • Programmable front/rear input switching with ratio measurement allows ratio-metric measurements between front and rear terminals in dc voltage, resistance, current functions with state-ofthe- art linearity, noise performance, superb transfer uncertainties.
  • Capacitance and RF power meter readout from Rohde & Schwarz NRP Series expands the utility of 8588A in calibrating multi-product calibrators for improved productivity in calibration labs.

8588A Trend plot, screen capture
Trend plot

 Histogram, screen capture
Analyze: Histogram

The MET/CAL™ Calibration Management Software advantage

The 8588A and 8558A work with Fluke Calibration MET/CAL™ Calibration Software, in 8508A emulation mode, allowing increased throughput while ensuring calibrations are performed consistently every time. This powerful software documents calibration procedures, processes and results for ease in complying with ISO 17025 and similar quality standards.

Support and services when you need them

Fluke Calibration offers testing, repair and calibration services to meet your needs quickly and at a fair cost while maintaining the high level of quality that you expect. Our electrical calibration laboratories are accredited for conformance to ISO Guide 17025 and we maintain global calibration and repair facilities.

You can enhance warranty protection with a Priority Gold Instrument CarePlan service package.

A Priority Gold Instrument CarePlan includes an expedited annual calibration to reduce downtime by a week and extended warranty to help ensure the best long-term performance from your instruments. Choose from one-year, three-year or five-year CarePlans. (Note: Priority shipping times vary by country. Contact your local Fluke Calibration sales representative for details.)


Key feature and specification comparison

8588A 8558A
DC voltage 100 mV – 1000 V same
AC voltage 10 mV – 1000 V, 1 Hz – 10 MHz same
Resistance, LoI, HV 1 Ω - 10 GΩ same
DC current 10 uA – 30 A 10 uA – 2 A
AC current 10 uA – 30 A, 1 Hz to 100 kHz 10 uA – 2A, 1 Hz to 100 kHz
Digitize V
100 mV - 1000 V, 5 MSamples/s, up to 20
Digitize I
10 uA - 30 A, 5 MSamples/s, up to 4 MHz BW
10 uA - 2 A, 5 MSamples/s,
up to 4 MHz BW
Frequency (V, I, BNC) 1 Hz to 10 MHz, 1 Hz to 100 kHz, 10 Hz to 100 MHz same
Temperature PRT / Thermocouple (ext CJC) same
Capacitance 1 nF – 100 mF No
RF power R&S NRP Series No
Ext. dc current and ac current A40B current shunt and other shunts No
Graphical display Yes Yes
Visual Connection Management ® Yes Yes
Programmable front/rear input switching Yes Yes
Ratio ohms, voltage Yes Yes*
External 10 MHz ref clock, 50 Ω/Hi-Z Yes Yes
A40B and other shunt asset management Yes No
GPIB 488.2, Ethernet, USB TMC Yes Yes
SCPI command compatibility Yes Yes
3458A emulation, 8508A emulation Yes Yes
Volatile memory 15 million Same
Level and other trigger Yes Yes
FFT onboard Yes No
Reading rates: 5 MS/s into memory, bus: 100 kS/s at 4.5 digits, 1 rdg/s at 8.5 digits Yes Yes

*Ratio for voltage only

Function 8588A uX/X of reading + uX/X of range 8558A uX/X of reading + uX/X of range
95% 99% 95% 99%
DC voltage 10 V relative 2.7 + 0.05 3.5 + 0.06 4.0 + 0.06 5.2 + 0.08
absolute 2.8 + 0.05 3.6 + 0.06 4.1 + 0.06 5.3 + 0.08
AC voltage 10 V, 1 kHz relative 60 + 5 77 + 6.5 80 + 10 103 + 13
absolute 64 + 5 88 + 6.5 90 + 10 116 + 13
Resistance 10 kΩ relative 7 + 0.5 9 + 0.6 10 + 0.6 13 + 0.7
absolute 7.2 + 0.5 9.1 + 0.6 10.3 + 0.6 13.3 + 0.7
DC current 1 mA relative 6.5 + 4 8.4 + 5 9 + 5 12 + 6
absolute 7.6 + 4 10 + 5 9.8 + 5 13 + 6
AC current 1 mA, 1 kHz relative 250 + 50 323 + 62 300 + 100 387 + 129
absolute 260 + 50 335 + 65 310 + 100 400 + 129
Frequency BNC,1 kHz relative 0.5 uHz/Hz 0.5 uHz/Hz 0.5 uHz/Hz 0.5 uHz/Hz
Temperature PRT 100 Ω, Type K, S, J, B, R relative ± 5 mK ± 5 mK ± 5 mK ± 5 mK
Capacitance 1 uF relative 400 + 100 516 + 129 N/A N/A
absolute 408 + 100 523 + 129 N/A N/A

95% 1 year relative specification. Fluke Calibration guarantees to 99% confidence interval k=2.58. For 99%, multiply by (2.58/2).


Model Name Description
8588A Reference Multimeter


  • Meter
  • 8588A-LEAD KIT-OSP General purpose probe kit & pouch with 2x 4-way shorting PCB
8558A 8.5 Digit Multimeter


  • Meter
  • 8588A-LEAD KIT-OSP General purpose probe kit & pouch with 2x 4-way shorting PCB

Accessories common to all models:

Accessory Description
Y8588 Rack Mount Kit (2U – 3.5 in)
Y8588S Slide Rack Mount Kit
8588A-LEAD Comprehensive Measurement Lead Kit

  • 1x 8588A-LEAD KIT-OSP
  • 1x 1 m screen 322/0.1 copper (30 Amp Rating) with 6 mm gold plated copper spade terminals
  • 2x locking adapter 4 mm binding post to safety
8588A-SHORT 4-Way Shorting PCB
8588A-LEAD/THERMAL Low Thermal Lead Kit
96000SNS Additional Power Sensor
8588A/CASE Transit Case

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