RPM4 Reference Pressure Monitor

RPM4 Reference Pressure Monitor is different from traditional pressure monitors. State-of-the-art performance from very low pressure to 280 MPa


Premium performance in a compact and rugged reference pressure monitor

  • Independent quartz reference pressure transducer modules (Q-RPTs) with individual self-defense systems (SDS™) (See Q-RPT module advantages under "Features.")
  • Infinite Ranging and AutoRange™
  • Differential measurement mode (channel 1- channel 2)
  • 15 kPa (2.2 psi) compound gauge Q-RPT with turndown to < 3 kPa (0.4 psi)
  • Integrates with PPC4 as external reference measurement device
  • Battery/charger pack available
  • RPM4 carries on the tradition of the RPM line of pressure monitors: combining very high end performance with ruggedness and reliability
  • Stability based Ready/Not Ready indication
  • Built-in fluid head corrections
  • User defined pressure units
  • Intelligent AutoZero™ function
  • Remote [ENTER] switch
  • Large character, easy to read display
  • 12 V dc power and battery pack option
  • External valve drivers
  • RS232 and IEEE-488 communications
  • PC based recalibration utility software included
  • Free LabVIEW® drivers
  • Flash memory for simple and free embedded

RPM4 Reference Pressure Monitor is different from traditional pressure monitors. State-of-the-art performance from very low pressure to 280 MPa (40,000 psi)… advanced on-board features… compact and rugged… full local and remote communications… RPM4 is the perfect solution in a wide variety of high end pressure calibration, testing and measurement applications.

Infinite Ranging™ and AutoRange™

Infinite Ranging gives RPM4 Reference Pressure Monitor unprecedented versatility in adapting to the specific range of operation. With the easy-to-use AutoRange function, a few simple key strokes or a single remote command string at the start of a test adapt every feature of the pressure monitor to optimize it for the range to be covered. Just enter the maximum pressure and the measurement mode. AutoRange then:

  • Selects and activates the most appropriate Q-RPT to cover the specified range and measurement mode.
  • Sets the pressure unit of measure. • Activates absolute, gauge or compound gauge measurement.
  • Adjusts display resolution to the appropriate level for the range.
  • Adjusts overpressure alarms to the actual range of operation.
  • Reduces measurement uncertainty proportionally to the selected range (premium class Q-RPTs only).

Note: The use of RPM4’s Infinite Ranging and AutoRange feature is recommended to optimize operation for a specific range but is not required to obtain “% of reading measurement specifications.

SDS™ Q-RPT self defense system

All Q-RPT modules up to 7 MPa (1 000 psi) include the unique Self Defense System™ (SDS). SDS valves automatically isolate and vent the module's Q-RPT when it is not in use or an overpressure is about to occur. With SDS, any Q-RPT module can be left connected to pressure up to 10 MPa (1 500 psi) without needing to isolate or disconnect it.

Advanced on-board functions

RPM4 pressure monitors provides a variety of advanced on-board pressure data functions including:

  • Special data such as pressure average over time, rate of change, hi/lo, freeze, deviation from set point.
  • Differential mode directly measures the difference between two Q-RPTs including taring at the line pressure.
  • Parallel measurement uses two Q-RPTs redundantly as one.
  • Leak check measures average pressure rate of change over a user set time period.
  • AutoTest automates calibration routines with tolerance testing and data logging.

Quartz reference pressure transducer (Q-RPT) modules

RPM4's outstanding pressure measurement specifications are made possible by Fluke Calibration’s exclusive quartz reference pressure transducer (Q-RPT) modules.

Q-RPTs measure pressure by measuring the change in the natural oscillating frequency of a quartz crystal with pressure induced stress. To be qualified for use in a Q-RPT module, each transducer is individually evaluated and characterized using primary pressure standards. Only transducers exhibiting required levels of linearity, repeatability and stability are selected. A proprietary compensation model, derived from more than 15 years experience with thousands of quartz pressure transducers, is applied to optimize the metrological characteristics needed in a transfer standard. Standard and premium class Q-RPT modules are available to best fit your performance and budgetary requirements.

A unique dynamic compensation for atmospheric pressure system uses an independent on-board barometer to provide seamless switching between absolute, gauge and compound gauge modes at any time. The barometer is used only to measure the small variations in atmospheric pressure that occur during gauge mode operation so its absolute error and drift over time do not contribute to measurement uncertainty. Q-RPT modules offer the advantages of:

  • % of reading measurement uncertainty with AutoRange span turndown available
  • Negligible warm up time
  • No gas species dependence
  • Quartz element isolated from test medium
  • Low sensitivity to orientation

Q-PRTs and ranges

Q-RPT Designation SI Version US Version Measurement MODE(s) Supported Operating Media SDSTMSelf Defense System
 Maximum Range [kPa] Absolute  Maximum Range [kPa] Gauge  Maximum Range [psi] Absolute  Maximum Range [psi] Gauge
A280M-L 280 000 280 000 40 000 40 000 Absolute, Gauge and Compound Gauge Gas Stndard
Oil available
Not available
A200M-L 200 000 200 000 30 000 30 000
A140M-L 140 000 140 000 20 000 20 000
A100M-L 100 000 100 000 15 000 15 000
A70M 70 000 70 000 10 000 10 000 Gas Standard
Oil available
Gas only
A40M 40 000 40 000 6 000 6 000
A20M 20 000 20 000 3 000 3 000
A14M 14 000 14 000 2 000 2 000
A10M 10 000 10 000 1 500 1 500 Included
A7M 7 000 7 000 1 000 1 000
A3.5M 3 500 3 500 500 500 Gas only
A2M 2 000 2 000 300 300
A1.4M 1 400 1 400 200 200
A700K 700 700 100 100
A350K 350 250 50 35
A200K 200 100 30 15
A160K 160 60 23 8
A100K 110 10 16 1.5
BA100K1 110 --- 16 ---
G200K --- 200 --- 30 Gauge only
G100K --- 100 --- 15
BG15K2 --- 15 --- 2.2
G15K --- 15 --- 2.2

1 BA100K is a barometer with a low point of 70 kPa (10 psia).
2 BG15K is bidirectional gauge from - 15 to + 15 kPa (- 2.2 to + 2.2 psi).

Compatible with PPC4 Automated Pressure Controller

RPM4 can be used as an external reference pressure measurement device for a Fluke Calibration PPC4, fully automated, pressure controller/calibrator. One or two RPM4s can be "daisy chained" to PPC4 by 9-pin RS232 cable(s). The RPM4's Q-RPTs become part of the PPC4 system and are managed by PPC4 transparently to the user. There is only one test connection for the PPC4 system's full range of operation.





Power Requirements 85 to 264 VAC, 50/60 Hz,
25 VA max and 12 VDC @ 9 Ahr
Battery/Charger: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Normal Operating Temperature Range 15 to 35 °C
Vibration Meets MIL-T-28800D
Weight (Typical) 5 kg (11 lb)
Dimensions 10 cm H x 22.7 cm W x 24 cm D (3.9 in. x 8.9 in. x 9.5 in.)
Battery/Charger: 8 cm H x 22.5 cm W x 20 cm D (3.1 in. x 8.9 in. x 7.9 in.)
Communications Ports RS232 (COM1, COM2), IEEE-488.2
Operating Modes Absolute, gauge, compound gauge, differential
Pressure Ranges Vacuum to 280 MPa (40,000 psi)
Operating Media Q-RPTs lower than A7M Gas only
All others Either gas or oil
Calibration A2LA accredited calibration report included
Pressure Connections Up to A70M: 1/8 in. NPT F
Above A70M: DH500 (equivalent to AE250C)
CE Mark Available, must be specified

Measured pressure (Q-RPT)

Warm Up Time 30 minute temperature stabilization recommended from cold power up
Resolution To 1 ppm, user adjustable
Predicted One Year Stability1 ± 0.005 % of reading all ranges and classes
Precision2 Q-RPTs up to A14M (2,000 psi)
Standard Class: ± 0.008 % of reading, or 0.0024% of Q-RPT span, whichever is greater4
Premium Class: ± 0.005 % of reading, 0.0015% of AutoRanged span or 0.0005% of Q-RPT span, whichever is greater5
Measurement Uncertainty3 Q-RPTs up to A12M (2,000 psi)
Standard Class: ± 0.010 % of reading or 0.0030% of Q-RPT span, whichever is greater4
Premium Class: ± 0.008 % of reading, 0.0024% of AutoRanged span, or 0.0007% of Q-RPT span, whichever is greater5
Precision2 Q-RPTs A20M TO A140M (3,000 to 20,000 psi)
± 0.012 % of reading or 0.0036% of Q-RPT span, whichever is greater4
Measurement Uncertainty3 Q-RPTs A20M TO A140M (3,000 to 20,000 psi)
± 0.013 % of reading or 0.0039% of Q-RPT span, whichever is greater4
Precision2 QRPT’s A200M to A280M (30,000 to 40,000 psi)
± 0.015 % of reading or 0.0045% of Q-RPT span, whichever is greater4
Measurement Uncertainty3 QRPT's A200M to A280M (30,000 to 40,000 psi)
± 0.018 % of reading or 0.0054% of Q-RPT span, whichever is greater4
  1. Predicted one year stability limit (k=2) assuming regular use of AutoZero function. Absolute mode predicted one year stability without use of AutoZ is ± (0.005 % Q-RPT span + 0.005 % of reading). QRPT’s A200MN to A280M (30,000 to 40,000 psi).
  2. Combined linearity, hysteresis and repeatability. Add ± 1 Pa (0.00015 psi) in gauge mode with an Axxx Q-RPT for the resolution and short term stability of the on-board barometer.
  3. Maximum deviation of the Q-RPT indication from the true value of applied pressure including precision, predicted one year stability, temperature effect and calibration uncertainty, combined and expanded (k=2) following the ISO “Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement.
  4. % of reading value times measured pressure from 100 to 30 % of Q-RPT span. Under 30 % of Q-RPT span, % of reading value times 30 % of Q-RPT span. For example, if the QRPT is a Standard A160K, the Measurement Uncertainty in pressure is 0.010% times the measured pressure to 48 kPa (160 kPa span x 30%) and 0.0048 kPa (160 kPa span x 30% x 0.01%) under 48 kPa.
  5. % of reading value times measured pressure from 100 to 30 % of AutoRanged span. Under 30% of AutoRanged span, % of reading value times 30% of AutoRanged span. If AutoRanged span is less then 30% of maximum Q-RPT span, % of reading values times measured pressure, or % of reading times 9% of Q-RPT span, whichever is greater. For example, if the Q-RPT is a Premium A160K and AutoRanged span is 160 kPa, the Measurement Uncertainty in pressure is measured pressure x 0.008% to 48 kPa (160 kPa AutoRanged span x 30%) and 0.0038 kPa (160 kPa span x 30% x 0.008%) under 48 kPa. If the AutoRanged span is 100 kPa (greater than 30% of 160 kPa maximum Q-RPT span), the Measurement Uncertainty in pressure is measured pressure x 0.008% to 30 kPa (100 kPa AutoRanged span x 30%) and 0.0025 kPa (100 kPa span x 30% x 0.008%) under 30 kPa. If the AutoRanged span is 30 kPa (less than 30% of the 160 kPa maximum Q-RPT span), the Measurement Uncertainty in pressure is measured pressure x 0.008% to 14.4 kPa (160 kPa maximum Q-RPT span x 9%) and 0.0012 kPa (160 kPa maximum Q-RPT span x 9% x 0.008%) under 14.4 kPa.



Model Name


RPM4 mhhhac/mlllac Reference Pressure Monitor

mhhhac indicates the Hi Q-RPT designation.
c indicates Q-RT class (s for Standard, p for Premium)

mlllac indicates the Lo Q-RPT designation and class. Leave blank if there is no Lo Q-RPT.

See Q-RPT and ranges table under Features for available Q-RPTs.

RPM4 04 -1 US units version, -2 SI units version
RPM4 05 CE mark
RPM4 06 Special calibration
RPM4 07 Special test fluid, Hi Q-RPT (specify fluid)
RPM4 08 Special test fluid, Lo Q-RPT (specify fluid)
RPM4 09 -1 Special configuration, air data (A160K/A160K, A350K/A160K only)
RPM4-LP Low Pressure Monitor, -15 to 15 kPa (-60 to 60 inH2O)

Accessories common to all models:



Battery Pack/Charger 12 V dc battery with charger
Rack Mount Kit Rack mount kit for standard 19 in. rack
Foot Switch Remote [ENTER] foot switch (part #3070940)
3990-803 Manually operated gas pressure controller, pressure range vacuum to 20 MPa (3,000 psi)
MPC1-1000 Manually operated gas pressure controller, pressure range vacuum to 7 MPa (1,000 psi)
GPC1-16000 Gas pressure controller
MPG2-H Manual hydraulic pressure generator/controller, 200 MPa (30,000 psi)
OPG1-30000 Hydraulic pressure generator - Includes: 1 qt. Di-2 Ethyl Hexyl Sebacate (synthetic oil), External tubing/adaptors for connection to a PG7302 or RPM4, and Operation and maintenance manual.
PK-7000-PPC/MPC Interconnections Kit - connect PG7102 to PPC or MPC pressure controller, and device under test.


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