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Minerva involved in interesting comparison in traceability in Russia

Minerva is involved in a project to compare traceability in an effective area of a PG7601 10 kPa/kg piston cylinder against (s). Standard traceability is accomplished by cross-floating the piston cylinder against another piston cylinder which is eventually traceable to a piston cylinder which is dimensionally measured.

The Russian State standard(s) are liquid columns with either oil (for the lower range) or mercury for the higher range. The research done at VNIIM in St. Petersburg is very interesting since we are going to evaluate the results of two completely different and independent traceabilities.


The D.I. Mendeleev All-Russian Institute for Metrology (VNIIM) is one of the largest world centres of scientific and practical metrology. It is the leading Russian organization in the field of precise measurements in metrology and the major Centre of National Measurement Standards in Russia.

More background

For those who wants to read the in depth background of both traceabilities:



May 1, 2019