Multi-Vendor Calibration Services

Multi-Vendor Calibration Services

It does not really matter how big your accredited calibration lab is or what your scope is, implementing tools and strategies to optimize efficiency benefits. One way to improve efficiency is asset management including regular maintenance, preventative maintenance, repair and recalibration.

One method is to work with a multi-vendor service provider for maintenance, repair and recalibration services. Using a multi-vendor service (MVS) provider also minimizes the downtime that occurs when your calibration standards are offline. Service on your instruments executed at different service providers Without a dedicated service provider, service calls may have a prolonged wait time, hindering productivity and requiring laboratory personnel to redirect their focus from calibration work to troubleshooting.

While a multi-vendor service contract is an especially worthwhile investment for labs with high-value, sophisticated calibration instruments. Routine maintenance and calibration, and rapid repair services ensure minimal downtime to maximize output and return on investment for such high-value assets.

Selecting the right MVS partner

When comparing multi-vendor service providers, it is important to consider several factors in addition to cost to ensure the service is a good fit for your lab. The optimal service should provide a tailored solution to meet a laboratory’s specific requirements

Identify your lab’s specific requirements: Consider the number of instruments in the lab, the nature of the instruments and performance specifications.

Identify “must-haves”: Prioritizing requirements may be useful to determine what services and features are most important to the lab, and can help guide the selection process.

Compare service offering: Obtain information from potential providers and evaluate whether their capabilities meet your requirements. For your calibration lab the technical scope of the accreditation of your MVS is a key requirement.

Compare vendors that are able to meet your requirements: Once the selection has been narrowed down to providers who offer your requirements, compare any additional features and select the best overall provider. Not only the cost but also features like transport services and ability to book time slots for calibration work are important. Factory approved service capabilities at the MVS is also an important factor.

February 18, 2022

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