Retired deadweight tester returns to Minerva after 49 years

Retired deadweight tester returns to Minerva after 49 years

Three weeks ago we received a phone call from a retired customer that is moving towards a new house. He had taken home an old deadweight tester/pressure balance that was also retired during his previous job, to preserve it.

Since he has no room anymore for this unit in his new house, he contacted Minerva and asked if we wanted it back since we were the original supplier back in 1974.. I realized that this particular instrument was supplied when I was only in primary school!

Off course we wanted this classic deadweight tester back in our company and display it in our big meeting room.

In a previous post I already mentioned that supplying calibration equipment is a tough way of making a living since our customers “love” their old instruments and use, or preserve, them for many, many years.

This story confirms this again. But discovering “calibration dinosaurs” every now and then is also one of the charms of working in the calibration business.

Feel free to contact me if you have any calibration dinosaurs in your company that are no longer in use.

Siebe Borger
Commercial Director
mobile: (+31) 6 53 29 36 84

December 6, 2023

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