Buy more – Pay less

Buy more – Pay less



Save 10% on equipment and software

Get everything you need to set up or expand your temperature calibration lab. With the equipment and software in this promotion you can calibrate a wide variety of temperature probes and sensors, at a great price.

Purchase at least three qualifying Fluke Calibration temperature products on one order and receive 10% off (only on qualifying products of quantity 3 or more).

Products qualifying

Temperature Calibration Bath6330/7320/7340/7380 Compact Temperature Calibration Baths
6331/7321/7341/7381 Deep-Well Compact Baths
6109A/7109A Portable Calibration Baths
6332A/7342A Temperature Calibration Baths *

Note: This product is not available for sale in Europe.

1595 Super Thermometer1594A/1595A Super Thermometers
1586A Super-DAQ Precision Temperature Scanner
1560 Black Stack Temperature Readout
1529 Chub-E4 Standards Thermometer
1502A/1504 Tweener Thermometer Readouts
1523/1524 Reference Thermometers  

Field Metrology Wells:      
9142, 9143, 9144 Field Metrology Wells
9190A Ultra-Cool Field Metrology Well


Temperature ProbeAll series and types
MET/TEMP softwareMET/TEMP II Temperature Calibration Software v5.0
Logware II Temperature Calibration Sofware
Fluke DAQ 6.0 Application Software (for 1586A only)  

Act now to save on temperature calibration baths, readouts, field metrology wells,  probes and software.
This promotion ends on June 28th, 2019.

Anita Koelewijn

Anita Koelewijn


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February 4, 2019

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