MNR-800-HPC400: the alternative for Ruska 7615

MNR-800-HPC400: the alternative for Ruska 7615


We would like to inform you that the Ruska 7615 is obsolete effective August 2021. Luckily, we have a good alternative for you. 

Minerva has developed a new hydraulic high-pressure controller up to 400 MPa (58 kpsi) which has been launched in spring 2020. The Minerva MNR-800-HPC400 (also called HPC) was developed for testing prototype pressure sensors in an R&D environment and is also successful implemented in pressure sensors production lines.

The control principle of controlling flow on the low-pressure side of the hydraulic-hydraulic intensifier is completely different than the pneumatic-hydraulic intensifier in many existing products. Lubrication of both sides of the hydraulic-hydraulic intensifier reducing slick stick substantially in combination with flow control enables very fine pressure control. This technique is patented by Minerva and unique for this application.

During the extensive testing we did not only focus on the highest achievable pressure of 400 MPa (58 kpsi), but also tested the HPC in lower pressure ranges.

Controlling pressures with our 70 MPa (10 kpsi) pressure module showed great results which broadens the usability of the HPC in any pressure range starting from 0 .. 70 MPa (10 kpsi) up to 0 .. 400 MPa (58 kpsi) and every range in between.

Is your Ruska 7615 pressure controller critical for your R&D or production process than you should be aware of the continuity risk due to the obsolesce of this product.

Based on experience we know that the MNR-800-HPC is a suitable replacement for your Ruska 7615.

Please contact us if the Ruska 7615 is a critical part of your business operation and you want to discuss the possibilitiesof the Minerva HPC.

December 15, 2021

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