Basic Metrology (1 day) – in Dutch

This one-day course is a BASIC course. Many people who are first introduced to metrology need background information about the science of measuring for their daily practice.

You become familiar with the basic knowledge of measuring instruments, aspects of the quality system, measurement uncertainty calculation and the establishment of measurement systems. However, it is not a course of measurement technique.

This regular training is given in Dutch. It is possible to offer the training in English on request.

Cursusinhoud - IN DUTCH

  • Grondslagen van het meten
  • Wat is meten?
  • Waarom meten?
  • Grootheden, SI eenheden
  • Herleiden van eenheden
  • Meterconventie
  • Wettelijke verplichtingen


  • Algemene kenmerken
  • Opbouw meetsystemen
  • Eigenschappen
  • Afleestechniek
  • Storende invloeden op meetsystemen
  • Omgevingscondities


Wat is kalibreren?

  • Wat is herleidbaarheid en wat is het belang ervan?
  • Kalibratieproces, -procedure, certificaat
  • Laboratoriumerkenning


  • Wat is onzekerheid?
  • Meetproces en systematische afwijkingen
  • Praktische onzekerheidanalyse en de fundamenten ervan enomgaan met getallen

Location: Delft, the Netherlands Date: Praktische informatie:


€919,- excluding VAT.
Lunches, refreshments and course material are included.

Entry requirements

The participants should have a secondary eduction level.


1 day, 9h00-17h00


The course is given in Dutch and the course material is Dutch. The course can also be given in English, on request.


All participants will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.


The courses and training are taught by specialists and experts in the field. Many of these trainers participate in international discussions and various standards committees, ensuring that they are always aware of the latest developments.

De cursus is onder andere bedoeld voor beheerders van technische instrumenten en medewerkers van meetkamers, kalibratielaboratoria of onderhoudsdiensten.


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