Our Dutch partner Erik Tuinstra from Eurotron Instruments and our Commercial Director Siebe Borger have a joint vision: let’s make things better and easier for the calibration technician in the field. Especially after GE Druck decided to take their calibration case out of production. That is how Minerva started developing the new Minerva Portable High Pressure Case which was launched this year. 

One innovation is that many newest models from different brands like Additel, GE, Fluke, Crystal or Beamex can be fitted inside the unit. The portable case is compatible with the latest modern instruments and that makes it more flexible In comparison to cases sold in the past.

Another innovation is the material. Before, the unit was made from steel. Now, it is made from a sturdy plastic. This prevents indents and makes the case more durable and robust. It is also lighter and easier to handle. However high pressure gas bottles  reduction valves come at a certain weight.

A great variety of clients from the process industry and service industry like the Gasunie, Stork and Engie use the portable case.

Erik Tuinstra explains: “The Gasunie for example, transports the gas from source to households. To keep the pressure correct in the compressor stations, they need to measure it. These high pressure gauges need to be calibrated up to 80 bar. They need to do that in the field, which requires a portable calibrator. That is why they have selected this Minerva case. The same applies to service companies like Stork and Engie, who need to perform similar measurements. We regularly and repeatedly sell the case to these companies, as they are very satisfied with the product.”

“One more innovation is desirable, especially for the GE Druck 620 DPI in combination with pressure modules. We need a case that is certified for ATEX. Many customers use explosion safe instruments, so that would be a great addition.”

“Minerva is now developing this ATEX certified portable high pressure case” tells Siebe Borger. “If you have questions or other tips for innovations, please contact me.”

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