The advantages of a shortlist for calibration service companies

The advantages of a shortlist for calibration service companies

At Minerva we see a trend in the calibration market that more and more parties want to move towards a shortlist of suppliers instead of maintaining relationships with multiple suppliers.

Disadvantages of a long list

Many companies face the situation that over many years their vendor list of specialized calibration parties has grown considerably. Every company was added to the vendor list for good reasons at that time but a clear overview of who does what is lost and there is no efficient use of these suppliers. The developments in the metrology and calibration market are progressing. It can be difficult to find the right parties that match your specific needs. Which parties are reliable and who provides the best service? Moreover, finding the right parties and maintaining contacts and contracts with them, for example, 15 specialized parties can take a lot of time.

Benefits of a short list with one stop shop calibration service providers

There are major advantages to working with a short list with a limited number of companies. Especially when your shortlist includes one or more one-stop shops to provide calibration services. One-stop shops often bundle multiple services and relieve their customers of their worries. By cleverly putting together a shortlist with multiple parties that complement each other, the total need for calibration services can be met quickly and completely by a limited number of parties.

Minerva as a calibration one stop shop

Minerva responds to the need of working with a shortlist and the need for a calibration one stop shop. In recent years Minerva has developed from a pressure calibration specialist into a service-oriented calibration one-stop-shop. Minerva has expanded the range of its electrical parameters in our ISO 17025 accredited scope. Furthermore, we are offering electrical calibrations, temperature -and relative humidity calibrations in close cooperation with trustworthy partners that have a high specialized calibration lab for those type of calibrations. In addition, we offer multi-brand and multi-product services, so we can maintain and calibrate numerous brands and several thousand instruments. We always check and repair our customers' test and calibration equipment before we calibrate it. Thanks to our spare parts inventory we can quickly repair your equipment if necessary, reducing downtime in your operation.

With a fast, reliable and clear process and communication in our service, we do everything we can to provide you with a carefree traceability.

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