Summary of the results of the customer survey for 2023

Summary of the results of the customer survey for 2023

Every year in May we invite our active customers to share their experience in working with Minerva.

We are happy with the results and your appreciation as a customer, but the downward trend is one of the reasons to improve the Minerva calibration service.

The most important results of the customer survey in 2023

  • The response was 9%, 52 customers completed the online survey.
  • More than 88% of the respondents think that our brand promise “ensuring carefree traceability” is fulfilled by Minerva. last year it was 85%. 33% are fully convinced of this, last year it this was slightly less with 28%.
  • More and more people are using the portal; 25% now prefer the portal to personal contact with Minerva.
  • All Minerva core values are recognized, especially skilled and service oriented. The core value Integer is recognized less well than last year. Just like every year, our value Innovative scores the lowest and is now even less well recognized than in 2022.
  • The Overall Score Customer Experience for Minerva is 8.1, slightly lower as the high score of 8.5 last year. But still a sign that most customers appreciate Minerva.
  • The Minerva Net Promoter Score (NPS) is 41, lower than last year when the NPS was more than 48. The actual score is still high compared to other technical service companies. The score means that Minerva is recommended by many customers to colleagues and business partners. Yet, our Net Promoter Score is declining for a few years now, which gives reason to push ourselves to a higher level of service.

Hard to maintain the high standard 

We realize that the high scores last years on customer experience and NPS on the one hand and the high Minerva servicestandard on the other hand are hard to maintain.

Yet it is very clear to us that according to the responses this year our customers have had a lower experience of the Minerva service.

Expanding the laboratory team

Luckily an important conclusion of this year's customer survey is that the greater part of the respondents thinks that our brand promise “ensuring carefree traceability” is fulfilled by Minerva.

Although The Minerva team is very happy with your appreciation as a customer and your trust in us, we see enough room for improvement to live up our customer promise.

One of the reasons is the longer turnaround time in pressure calibration service in our own lab.

Therefore we are in the process of expanding the laboratory team the last months. We are confident that this will improve turnaround time.

We thank you for your feedback!

June 21, 2023

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